Wednesday , December 8 2021

Cancellation of Kousta-Giannikopoulour’s divorce: She is responsible, says Supreme Court, for paving the way for her ex’s claims | ZOE


Koustas ’“ war, ”a lawsuit that began with the separation of Giannis Koustas and Sofia Giannikopoulou from a former couple, continues in the courts with the issue of alimony of the pension that has now gone to the Supreme Court.

Due to a lawsuit filed by Sofia Giannikopoulou against Giannis Koustas in July 2015 for granting her and her children a pension, Giannis Koustas fell for the fact that Sofia Giannikopoulou did not have the right to receive an individual pension when she married. ”The marriage resulted in a suspension of cohabitation. , he said he was forced to end his marital cohabitation “for a reasonable reason” in order to deny his ex-wife’s request for alimony. In the case of donations made in their marriage, but also in the first divorce lawsuit filed in the lawsuit, alleging the shock of marriage, he never discussed the final action, but preferred the presumption of the two-year allowance and the divorce. discuss the second action taken. Also, the previous lawsuits of Giannis Koustas were important in the trial of the food lawsuit.

Both the Court of First Instance (MPA 626/2017) and the Court of Second Instance (MEFATH 3977/2018), Giannis Koustas’s allegations were unfounded and accepted:
(a) Giannis Koustas terminated his cohabitation without just cause, after suing Sofia Giannikopoulou for the dissolution of their marriage, and therefore Sofia Giannipoulou has the right to impose on her the right to an individual pension, to leave or reduce her diet.
(b) All the incidents that Giannis Koustas mentions about his behavior, ethos and contribution (infidelities, indifference to himself and their children, S. Giannikopoulou’s bad relationship with parents and their children Sofia Giannikopoulou’s first marriage, excessive media exposure and self-promotion mood, excessive wastage, free life and much more) without believing that they were and were not.

The judgment of the Court of Appeal of Athens is appropriate: that the accusation against the defendant, apart from his oral wording, finds no substantial and credible basis in the aforesaid evidence and must, in essence, be dismissed. ‘

These judgments became irrevocable after Giannis Koustas rejected the appeal filed in the Supreme Court, whereby he challenged the previous judgments of the appellate court. Once again, the Supreme Court, in its decision No. 1126/2020, dismissed the important allegations of Ioannis Kostas and therefore decided irrevocably that he terminated the marriage without just cause, as well as all the allegations of divorce. The life and bad behavior of S. Giannikopoulou are entirely based on.

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