Monday , November 29 2021

Has the sunset of the political sidewalk arrived?


Has the sunset of the political sidewalk arrived?

It seems that dynamic minorities are losing their charm in social legitimacy and political sidewalks as a result of over-consumption of people living in the gloom of the pandemic. It acts as a fine image of bad behavior and feeds social unrest – this time not for the police. If we saw any disagreement, it was for a government that was not stricter with the KKE!

As the years go by, situations change, new needs are projected and imposed, but Left parties with the same boring motives publish the same molded ads, “cut and paste” for decades.

Yesterday, between supporters of the police and the KKE in central Athens (literally), at noon, the party’s announcement denounced the orgy of police violence and repression as an exemplary public health measure against the rally, and according to the government. “He wants a conflict scenario to hide his responsibilities with the collapse of the health care system.”

Haritsis was “informed” by SYRIZA MPs that “the police had attacked a peaceful demonstration in support of the KKE supporters”. He asked for “the release of the accused”! (Again, it is good that he was released before nightfall and the man was not forced to go to GADA at midnight, as Alekos Alavanos once went, to demand the release of the “children” they had brought).

According to the KKE announcement, there was an orgy of government authoritarianism at the rally that observed public health measures in an exemplary manner. But the government’s ban was not about health measures. It was a ban on collecting regardless of size. The government “wants a scenario of conflict to hide responsibilities in the fall of the NSS,” the question arises as to why the party is helping to disorient people by creating news and TV images, knowing they will star in TV and radio bulletins and social media?

Also, what right did they ask for “the release of the accused”? There is a protocol for each arrest or extradition, and there are State bodies authorized to decide. And among them are no prime minister, ministers, party leaders, coalition MPs or the opposition.

Doesn’t the KKE secretary know who set the conditions for the release of the accused and then dissolve the concentration? (By the way, it was at least humorous that Koutsoubas had asked police to stay “two meters away, as the law says,” while defending protesters who had provocatively broken the law itself).

Didn’t that also mean that the SYRIZA parliamentarian, who was Minister of the Interior? He knew but he has a post-colonial culture that “let the kids go” (Voutsis gave Rubicon police cars to take them wherever they wanted).

Yesterday we had a new record with 443 intubated humans and 63 dead. People are struggling to make a living, their lives are being lost, families are losing people, businesses are collapsing, unemployment and depression are falling, life has become unstable, the future is uncertain. At the same time, KKE-SYRIZA are playing thieves and police, and they are complaining that the police have prevented the KKE members from carrying out the prohibited march!

Although social media is not representative of society, it was the first time that KKE was treated with such anger and disrespect – SYRIZA has long been receiving it.

People are tired of the constant nonsense to the extent that they have not ordered Koutsoubasi or Tsiprasi to replace him. If the KKE wanted its defenders, it would already give it the administration of the country or keep Tsipras in power.

PS: While I was writing the text, I heard Giannis Delis arguing to the KKE MP about the example of Antigone who did not comply with the law. No Comments

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