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Hawks: They’re on the map again and Dominic is proud! (photos) NBA and Atlanta Hawks


After a while … the clouds leave the sky Atlanta and the rainbow fades.

It looks like the rain has passed them by Hawks, he waited a long time to be competitive again.

They are looking forward to entering this season as the free agency moves have been impressive (Rondo, Bogdanovic, Galinari).

The he writes about a group that wants to relive glorious moments, feeling proud of the legend Dominic Wilkins.

Great moves in the offseason

The Hawks they aimed to change the level of free agency and achieved success. They worked fast and closed … holes in the list.

Where we should be is the first five that can finally download the new season Galinari basic begins and Round he gets out of the chair.

If all the stars started, then we would see Yang, Bogdanovic, Galinari, Collins and Capella are among the top five, However, it all shows Redis iplays a “3” and o Galinari “4” will come from the chair.

Three excellent shooters on the periphery, while Yang will be the team leader and commander. The couple Collins and Hats they seem to be excellent at defending and attacking on the racket Atlanta he seems to be able to get into the postseason.

Yang and Bogdanovic seem thirsty for success and have shown that from the first moment they became teammates.

With a bench full of young people and a champion

His name stands out from the chair Reason Rondo. The man who won a tournament Celtics and Lakers, being decisive in both cases. A creative game that his talented players need Atlanta becoming harder and learning what it means to be at the highest level.

Hope will come from the chair Huerter, Redis (logically starting as a beginner), Hunter and Okongu rookie what the future of hawks is. It’s an important bet to get Chris Dan he wants to prove things to the guards because he has so far failed to meet the expectations of several experts when he joined the NBA.

The leader

Great background, great ball handling and definitely one of the best three in the league. THE Trey Young He’s a Hawks leader and looks more mature than ever in his third season. He shoots with a threesome of 36.1% and you can’t let him go for a second because he will kill you. It was no coincidence that he was the 4th top scorer in the world with 29.6 points.

Last year he managed to play the All Star Game with the Giannis Team, where the cream of the league is.

He managed to put his name next to the giants Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Allen Iverson he made them with records and showed the whole world that his future is his own. A traveling bucket, to finally play in the playoffs this year and give hope to Atlanta fans who dream of the postseason.

Orchestra player, his franchise player Atlanta He steps on the ground and … every time he wears the elastic of the hawks, he doesn’t stop showing his class. THE Three in the end, he will be able to claim great things with Atlanta.

They have been sidelined since the 2017 playoffs

The Falcons have been playing in the postseason since the 2016-17 season, when the Wizards were eliminated in the first round. From the 2007-08 season to 2017, Atlanta never lost the playoffs, but could never go one step further.

His best presence was in 2015, when he reached the Eastern Finals, where he was eliminated with short procedures. Cavs of LeBron and Irving. Then the current Bucks coach, Mike Budenholzer, formed an excellent team that achieved the best record in the East in the regular season. It stood out as an honest set Millsap, Tig, Horford, Carol, Schroeder and Korver, But while he was with them It fits.

Dominic the giant

Of course, he is the most famous player in the history of the team and of course he is a great senior who wears a jersey Dominic Wilkins, Who came to Greece for the benefit of Panathinaikos, celebrating the European summit in 1996.

THE Wilkins is its symbol Atlanta. He served the team from 1982 to 1994 and during that time Hawks only 3 seasons were left out of the playoffs. He always stopped on the way to the playoffs in the first round or in the Eastern semifinals. The The Sixers, Celtics, Pistons and of course the Bulls of Jordan they were better teams than themselves and never advanced.

Anyway now Dominik He sees the Hawks ’progress and the moves he’s made this year and hopes to expect something beautiful from his favorite team again.

cover photo: Costas Topas

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