Saturday , June 10 2023

The freedom of maid with a forborn university bachelor


He released the cleaner who was imprisoned for 10 years in prison, worked in a nursery in the town of Volos, which was "graduate" and "fake". The City Council asks OTE for the Union of Magnesia Workers.

According to "TAYDROMOS", OTA Magnesia workers' unions have announced that cleaners have a 67% disability of children and wives, and punishes every day the physical and economic destruction of their family and family, "the food of the table …", which leads us to books. … we can not finish first, because it would need to feed the meat …

Bratz was one of the heroes of the lyrics, because he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, under the accusation that he was working in a nursery in the Volos town with a false "title" title, a 6th grade Primary Education "Residence" … Eriktis person His face, unlikely, the workers engaged in waste and impunity in the industrial, banking and mestizo bakeries sitting on the neck. 67% of the child and the woman without a wife, the real protagonist, were given to the cannon of a system filled with our prisons … Prisoner of Bizkartzain, unemployed prisoner, Prisoner Amorousyas … and many others call their sins capitalism.

"Is silence not the only look?" We know that this system can not be cleaned, because its heart must be eradicated: the power of labor, the gain arising from the burden of wealth we produce. We are convinced that it is a good fight in the prisons of Theos, as it did in the daytime bill. He has one day's jail for himself and his family's physical and financial salvation.

Nobody has any right to silence! We express solidarity! At present, we call the Government and Justice, and we must confront the apparent sensual understanding of society we live in, allowing you to instantly release the reflective movement and accepting the penalty application. "

Also, with the announcement, Cleanings Association of Magnisia wants to release the cleaner:

"A bourgeois justice, after exhausting all the hard work of the sick worker, has condemned a woman who is immortalizing a family of 10 years in prison. In 1996, she was nominated ASEP, a FG graduate, to help her children live and 67% of her spouse. He volunteered for the services of the Volunteer Day Center for years, paid for and paid for work, he did not steal, he did not abuse public money, worked to address family needs, and nowadays, after five decision-makers Larissa's decision, he complies with the direct penalties imposed by Thebes Prison has it.

We ask that colleagues be promptly released, because someone is a crime that does not work for life and is facing particular difficulties. Why is it not that thousands of millions of millions of people have been stolen in the fight against the survival of the poor and illegally steal them because they enrich people and illegal people and business groups against people. Because civil justice has "sealed eyes" in the face of real social injustice, the condemnation of poverty and poverty means that thousands of workers and pensioners live. "

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