Monday , June 5 2023

Weather: Rain and storm today – Increase in small temperatures – Daiology News


Cloud clouds and storm spores are the most anticipated in the morning hours, with gradual improvement.

Macedonia, Thrace
Weather: Rain and storm spores are mainly in the sea, on the coast, gradually narrowing and weakening to the east. Central Mid-Central Macedonia gradually improved at noon.
Winds: south, south-east 4-6 beauforts west, northwestern at noon and weakened.
Temperature: between 11 and 17 degrees. In the west of Macedonia 4-5 points lower.

Ionian Islands, Epirus, Western Sterea, Western Peloponnese
Weather: sunny temperatures, storms to be strong in the long run, but gradually at noon, the phenomena will become weakened and improve.
Wind: West, south-west 5-6 beaufort and northwestern 4-5 south-west and south-west 6th.
Temperature: between 14 and 22 degrees. Epirus region 4-5 degrees lower.

Thessaly, East Sterea, Evia, East Peloponnese
Weather: sunny and sunny in the morning. Soon the weather will be improved.
Winds: south 4-6 beaufort and south 7 local Beauforts will be fast with western intensity, with the same intensity.
Temperature: Between 12 and 21 degrees.

Cyclades, Crete
Rain and sunshine in the morning, isolated storms. Slowly, the weather will improve at noon.
Wind: south-east 5-7 beaufort and gradually west to west, southwest, with the same intensity.
Temperature: Between 17 and 22 degrees.

East Aegean, Dodecanese Islands
Weather: Sunshine and gradual improvement until saturated temperatures and sporadic storms.
Wind: south-east 5-7 beaufort and west-west, southwestern, low weakness northward.
Temperature: between 17 and 23 degrees. Lower 4-5 degrees North.

Showers, mornings, storms and quick improvements.
Winds: southwards, south-east 5-6 beauforts, southwards will fly with the same intensity.
Temperature: between 18 and 21 degrees.

Weather: Bad weather with sunny weather, at midday hours with dense storms, but noon at noon at noon.
Wind: Southeast 3-4, Beaufort and Northwest, with the same intensity.
Temperature: between 11 and 17 degrees.

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