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iBond 2020 (4239) rose about 3% on the first day | Expert: No rush to buy and sell


The government inflation-linked iBond 2020 bond (HK 4239.HK) has an interest rate of at least 2%, attracting many people to subscribe. The market had previously predicted that on the first day the yield could rise from 104 RMB to 105 RMB, or 4-5%. On Monday, the dark market reached a maximum of 104 yuan and then closed at 103 yuan. iBond is currently officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, but its disappointment was disappointing, rising 2.75% to 102.75 yuan in the middle of the day. It may be the worst performance of the first batch of iBond on the first day.

iBond opened 3% higher and reported 103 yuan, briefly reaching 103.25 yuan, then rose to 2.65% to 102.65 yuan. iBond closed 102.75 yuan in the middle of the day, up 2.75%. 103.00 yuan, a large number of sales orders were accumulated for sale, about 9,358 lots and more than 3,200 pending.

iBond began trading on the dark market on Monday evening and the cost was higher than the issue price of 100 yuan. As of 6:45 p.m., the broker’s dark market trading performance is as follows:

iBond (4239) Brokerage Dark Market Performance

Mediation Best (Original) Lowest (yuan) Current price (yuan)
Yaocai 104 103.1 103.25
Phillip 103.8 102.9 103.25
Get rich 103.8 102.9 103.25

First day screening of IBond’s last 6 batches

Closing price (yuan) Relative issue price
2011 106.7 + 6.7%
2012 105 +% 5
2013 103.15 + 3.15%
2014 105.15 + 5.15%
2015 105.5 + 5.5%
2016 103.35 + 3.35%

Li Huifen: No need to rush to sell iBond. It is expected that the funds will re-enter the bond market to raise bond prices.

Li Huifen, CEO of Global Securities, believes that the performance of iBond on the first day is not significant because the last stock market has been quite prosperous and the funds are used for stock speculation, so there is no rush to buy iBond. However, he believes that investors with iBond should not be in a hurry to sell. They can wait until iBond pays an interest rate or two and the price rises between 106 and 108 yuan, and the practice will be more significant than reaching maturity.

He also said that there are not many options for Hong Kong dollar bonds, and even fewer that are as stable as iBond. It is estimated that managers will gradually absorb iBond and raise bond prices. In addition, if the new U.S. president takes office, U.S. shares will fall, which will also cause the fund to exit the U.S. stock market and then buy into the bond market as an iBond hedge, which will help raise bond prices.

For investors who do not own shares or do not intend to pursue the shares, Li Huifen believes that iBond is a purchase based solely on price. However, from an opportunity cost point of view, it is recommended that investors use their funds for stock market investments. Strong stocks are profitable, and they will make investments in iBond after lowering the stock market madness.

Some banks have launched discounts on iBond returns so that customers can get annual interest rate discounts

Some banks have launched iBond return offers to encourage customers to use the funds for other purposes. Dah Sing Bank offers discounts to iBond bank-subscribed customers. If the money is used for HKD and USD term deposits, they will receive annual interest rate discounts. Eligible customers will subscribe to the investment funds designated during the promotion period, with the first HKD 100,000 or equivalent. 0% discount on the subscription amount for the subscription amount; Beneficial customers who do not have a valid “risk assessment questionnaire” in the bank who complete the survey during the promotion period will be able to obtain a HKD 50 cash coupon.

Lufax customers request it through the iBond app to generate refunds. Lufax has provided these customers with a 2% return, which can be used for all platform bond funds and hybrid funds. The investment limit is 100,000 yuan and the period is 1. month.

The amount of the iBond subscription reaches 38.9 billion, the authorities raise the issue limit

The government reported that about 456,000 people had signed up for this round of iBond, with a subscription of more than 38.36 million yuan, and the authorities raised the latest issue of iBond to 15 billion yuan. Depending on the voucher allocation mechanism, all valid applications for this iBond bundle will be assigned vouchers, with a maximum of four lots. All 196,391 applications to subscribe for bonds with three lots or less will be awarded to the bonds. The remaining 259,989 orders (i.e., those that subscribe to more than three lots) will be issued with three voucher lots first and lots will be drawn, of which 230,930 will be awarded one more tie to the order.

iBond will be issued next Monday (16th) and will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Tuesday (17th). The placed bank and the Hong Kong clearing company will individually notify the applicant of the outcome of the award, the amount subscribed and the amount of the refund money of the application, according to the schedule set out in the circular issue.

Chen Maobo: A safe and stable investment welcomes people

Finance Secretary Chen Maobo is pleased with the subscription to the current range of iBonds, and believes that given the current low interest rate and uncertain investment environment, people are welcome to secure and stable investment opportunities. He also believes that the issuance of bonds this time will increase public awareness and interest in bonds and promote the development of the local retail bond market.

HKMA Liu Yingbin: Happy with the number and number of subscriptions

Liu Yingbin, senior assistant chairman of the Monetary Authority, previously believed that the market should not over-interpret the number and number of iBond subscriptions since the last iBond issue was issued four years ago. At the time, inflation forecasts were relative to the market environment and reality, so it is difficult to make direct comparisons. He stressed that he is quite happy with the number and number of subscribers this time around.

The response to the iBond subscription is overwhelming. BOC and Hang Seng have a large number of subscriptions

The subscription to IBond ended last week, and many banks and brokers said the response to this bundle of iBond subscriptions was hotter than before that he had surpassed even the highest. The total amount of the subscription. Hang Seng Bank also noted that the average subscription amount for customers in this round has increased significantly compared to the past, and that the total amount of the bank’s subscription has also exceeded the previous individual total.

The number of iBond subscription requests through HSBC is roughly twice as high as in 2016 and the number of cases has exceeded the 2016 level. The total amount of iBond subscriptions received by China CITIC Bank (International) has increased by almost 90% compared to the accumulated total number of previous iBonds bundles, and the maximum subscription amount is 3 million yuan.

The subscription amount for Lufax mobile phone is nearly 160 million yuan

Lufax, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance, also offers iBond subscriptions. Customers subscribed via mobile phones to nearly 160 million yuan, with an average subscription of 3.4 lots and the maximum subscription amount reached 1.5 million yuan.

Alternative payment of the fifth batch of silver bonds by the government, the interest rate is at least 3.5%, 2 reductions must be known

The highest fixed deposit of 5.2% of the Hong Kong dollar is better than iBond’s 2% guarantee! 3-month stable interest of 1,040 yuan

iBond has a circular distribution mechanism! It is not advisable to smoke it like a new broth! Show how much you can earn by subscribing Talking about the stock market

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