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Lou had won 60 million magnesium in his 14 years, making AI the best alternative for this generation! (|) | NBA | Dynamic Network DONGTW

Do you know what is "disappointed"? They are all tricks that you can use to be disappointed, all defense tricks will be used, but they still can not help each other. The fifth day of the Warriors and Speedboats series, Williams Williams, the Warriors once again had a sense of despair. Kevin Duranten, with 3 points and 3 + 1 shot in the face of Duranten's defensive defense, faced with a sweaty jersey, Andre Iguodala's long arm again looking over his jumper, Louk spent 8 times giving his life and death to tell Warriors. Not only is the red fried chicken in the streets of Los Angeles, but Oracle Arena. At that time, Lou is the most alternative hero. He has a clear fire power and an explosive force, but they have repeatedly canceled. Players with similar data have more than 15 million dollars of annual salary, but only 8 million. But they do not prevent Lou's warrior becoming naked.

You may not believe it when you say, but it's true that Lou has not had a $ 10 million wage season. So far, Lou has earned 8 million euros and his career earns less than 60 million. Initially, Lou joined the NBA with a selection of the 45th edition. His career began in Philadelphia. That time, Lou was short and tall, but 185 cm did not take him seriously. He knew he had a clear ability, but he was not in the 76ers for the first two seasons. reuse Since the 2007-08 season, Lou has begun settling his position as sixth, and 76ers gave a five-year contract worth $ 25 million.

Lou played for 76ers for seven years, and fans of Philadelphia made it to the forefront of growth and became the main player after Allen Iverson. However, when the 76ers began to rebuild, Lou also began to walk, he played the eagle and tyrannosaurus. In those years, Lou was very painful, he suffered severe knee injuries in the eagle and once thought he would retire. After being sent to Tyrannosaurus, he won six year-old men in 2015. He is keen to stay at Lou Tyrannosaurus, but Tyrannosaurus does not intend to leave. Eventually, Lou joined the Lakers for 3 years and $ 21 million. At that time, Lakers were no longer in a strong team, Kobe Bryant was already suffering from injury and suffering. Lakers were upset. He was sent to Rockets for commercial chips.

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Rockets, Lou and Eric Gordon created a sixth male combination, surprised by opponents, but when he was able to go to Chris Paul in the summer of 2017, Rockets returned to Los Angeles as a chip. This time, the speed of the Lou network is a boat. Originally a good boat, but I did not expect Lou to join, he launched the ship to rebuild Blake Griffin in the 2017-18 season. Lou's name appears in several rumors of commercials. On January 11, 2018, in a battle with Warriors, Louk was blocked with 50 points frantically. Before starting the game, he still thought he wanted to send the ship to Lou, but this game changed the idea of ​​the ship and decided to start Lou.

Many experts predict that if Louk has 20% more points in the game, he can get a pay 10 million dollar salary per year. However, I did not expect to get a 3 year 3-year contract, but it was a very simple reason: life was to be boring and stable. When the Lou contract renewed, an average of 22.8 points, 5.4 support and 2.6 bounces were obtained, at that time the only players in the League were Stephen Curry, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook, with an average average salary of 2,700. Ten thousand dollars.

Iverson Lou is idol

High-speed sailing boats are very different and they are the only groups of the Super Sixth. Lou is also very different: he is the only league player in a substitute player, but he can decide the outcome of the game.

In the Warriors series, Lou scored at least 30 points and 10 in second place. He was the only player to obtain at least 30 points and 10 support in the NBA outbreak. Many people do not know, however, that Lou may have the role of an alternate representative today, thanks to the idol "answer" of Iverson. When Lou's speeding at the Warriors home engine, he cried out "Iverson, where are you going? Did you make an animal!"

ã € Œlou williams allen iversonã € çš "åœ - ç ‰ ‡ å œ œ ° ° çμ æžœ

Why is this beast created by Iverson? Louk does not only play in Iverson's idol, because he imitates his style of dressing, playing style, with the role of the bench, and Iverson. "The reason Iverson is, I'm finally choosing to replace the bench," Louk said. "Iverson returned to Philadelphy at the time, earning his initial position, which strengthens his position as a role player, I think it is a Hall of Fame and an MVP player, but he did not accept the bank's acceptance, so I received the bank's approval, honestly, that bank I did not accept it, maybe I would not be able to put it in the NBA. If I did not accept the bank, I could look for something that does not fit me. My career is over, I have to accept the paper and style that suits me, so it's a longer career. "

Many NBA players came up against substitutes, for example, the replacement of the golden bull by Will Barton, a substitute representative, and expressed his willingness to accept it. But Lou is different, he believes the bank can be a killer and a substitute, however, however, he can write a miracle like Iverson against OK.

ã € Œlou williams allen iverson 76ersã € çš "åœ - ç ‰ ‡ å œ œ ° ° çμ æžœ

Many people refer to a boat called "boat", this group has not been a star. But really, Lou is his most fascinating star. According to Doc Rivers, "I do not think our team is getting praise worthy of talent. I do not have to say anything. I do not know which team is preparing a game that is not treated as a star. From the defensive point of view it is treated as a star."

And if Warriors chooses the "hated team" in the last two years, perhaps the team will be the speed of the ship.

In 2017, rocket and rocket trade made with Chris Paul and Rockets was the most challenging Warriors rival. At the same time, the rapid speed of the transaction also plays a role against the opponent of the warrior. Over the past season, he has used 50 points to help speed up the Warriors. During this season, the team's first sniper warrior follows, the second game of 36 points. 11 supporters were given a speed of 31 points, Warriors were very shameful.

In Rockets' original agreement, it can be said that speed can be zero, with a superstar in exchange for a role-playing group. Among them are Patrick Beverley, Lou and Montrezl Harrell. This year's three-year salary is $ 19 million, which is equal to Klay Thompson's annual salary.

à € Œlou williams Patrick Beverley € Louå'ŒMontrezl Harrellã € çš "åœ - ç ‰ ‡ æ œå ° <çμ æžœ

Now, considering the boating in the transition phase, the rockets will be significant. The court used a great performance to speed up speeding quickly: a group did not dare take a small boat. Lou's powerful attack, Harrell's pick-and-roll tactic, gives each team a headache, despite the Warriors' first round pick-and-roll. Beverley is a high-speed pillar, but this group is the blood and hardness it needs. Rivers have always been good in the training of civilian groups, and their knowlists have made great achievements in this group of rockets, and at the same time this rocket group will make rivers and fast.

ã € Œlou williams montrezl harrell rocketsã € çš "åœ - ç ‰ ‡ æ œå ° <çμ æžœ

Not only that, Harrell's contract lasts for only a year, the next season's annual salary is $ 6 million, Lou's 19-20 season salary is $ 8 million, the contract last year is a partial guarantee, this will be $ 1.5 million this summer . Their presence has little effect on speed in the balance space. For high speeds, now they are launching a business of a big star, withdrawing players' advantage, and then signing up for the space of the other wages to improve the signing of the big ticket. If he gets a high-speed boat in the summer and afterwards the rest of the wages he uses to make another trip to the space, they are very grateful for the composition of these rockets. During this season's playoffs, high-speed riders are one of the weakest teams in the Western Conference, but they are as good as pioneers. Maybe high-speed riders can not advance in the next round as pioneers, but the first performance is very good. And all this started with Lou's most important honor, sitting on his chair and the ancient rocket

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