Thursday , December 9 2021

Microsoft expects the Xbox Series X to be sold out by April next year


Xbox X Series

Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

Now if you want to get an Xbox Series X or Series S console, I’m afraid you should be ready for the long-term wait. According to IGN and Eurogamer reports, Tim Stuart said at a Microsoft CFO online investor conference that he expects the Xbox Series X and Series S shortages to continue in the first quarter of next year, and that it will take about a second quarter to catch supply demand. Microsoft has not released sales figures since its launch on November 10, but said it is the most successful console in history, but given the growth of the overall gaming market and the number of players blocked by epidemics in their homes, this may not be the case. So amazing.

However, this means that although the next two main-generation consoles are on the market before Christmas, they both face a dilemma of sufficient supply. This year, there are probably few people who can put one under the Christmas tree. . At the very least, this generational change seems to be very smooth, and the rapid growth of the player base may also strengthen the willingness of game developers to bet on both camps.

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