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Restore the classic fun “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: Skeleton Water’s Counterattack!” “Chinese version of PS4 is officially unveiled today” Bubble Bobble 4 Friends “


ARC SYSTEM WORKS Asia branch has announced the PS4 “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: Skeleton Monster’s Counterattack” gameplay. The “Chinese version” is officially unveiled today (17), and detailed “Bubble Dragon Theme Music Box Lottery Ticket” information is also provided in the Chinese physical version.

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“Bubble Dragon 4 Partners” was released in 1986 and is a 23-year sequel to the “Bubble Dragon” series, which became popular in major video game playgrounds in the 80s and 90s. Design a new 3D shape based on the images of the original dot matrix in the series, and the new bubble dragon can work for 4-player cooperative games.

This time the PS4 version is “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: Skeleton Monster’s Counterattack!” “” Bubble Dragon 4 Companion “is based on the Switch version, adding new free download levels and a series of popular” Skull Monster “monsters. In addition, to celebrate the presentation of the PS4 version, the official also included selected manuscripts and nicknames of the painters from the “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners” drawing competition held in May this year to participate in the production of the game.

Details of Lucky Draw’s “Bubble Dragon Theme Music Box.”

To celebrate “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners”: Skeleton Monster’s counterattack! 》 In the market, the official will select 50 players through the online login method, to give away a specially made “Bubble Dragon Theme Music Box”. The lottery ticket will be attached to the movie “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: The Counterattack of Skeleton”! 》 In the physical version box.

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※ The image is a schematic diagram and can be changed after the design.

※ The image of the music box is a sample diagram that may be different from the actual product in the design.

Presentation of the game “Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: Skeleton Monster Counterattack!”

Supports offline multiplayer mode for up to 4 people to enjoy.

This game not only allows 2 people to play at the same time, it also supports an offline multiplayer mode, which can be played by up to 4 people at a time, to have fun with family and friends.

There are new special bubble abilities here!

In this game, each time you pass the level, you can get new skills, such as long shots or bubble bubbles, which can help players navigate the levels more efficiently.

It has the usual hard way of the series!

The famous hard mode from the “Bubble Dragon” series will also appear in this game. After clearing the game, the difficulty mode will open as a hidden level, which can lead to a gameplay strategy that is different from the normal mode.

Enter the original bubble shooter!

This work features the original “Bubble Dragon” released in 1986 and supports a 2-player mode to continue indefinitely. It can be played on 100 PS4 layers with plenty of classic graphics from the sleek version of “Bubble Dragon”.

New levels and the look of the Skeleton Monster!

In addition to the 100 levels that can be played in the original “Bubble Dragon 4 Companion” game, an additional 100 new levels are added to play a total of 200 levels. The well-known monster from the “Skull Monster” series will also appear on a new level, bringing new fun. “Skull Monster” is the enemy character who will appear after a period of time at the beginning of the level. He enters the wall to follow the player and cannot be defeated despite being attacked. He is also a terrifying character in the memories of many players.

Increase network ranking feature!

“Bubble Dragon 4 Partners: Skeleton Monster Counterattack!》 Chinese version of the game screen

Game information

  • Game name: Bubble Shooter 4 Partner: Skeleton Water Counterattack!

  • The original name of the game: Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron is Back!

  • Game type: Action

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 4

  • Date of publication: 17 November 2020

  • Suggested price: $ 1190 NT / HK $ 308

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

  • Number of players: 1 ~ 4

  • Age classification: general

  • Developer: TAITO

  • Publisher: ININ Games

  • Agency Distribution: ARC SYSTEM WORK

  • Official website:


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