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Western media reported that Mes C Lang lost the Sanxiong prize for the third World Bullfighting Award in Madrid – Ming Pao Jiadong Edition (Toronto) – Ming Pao Canada's Toronto Chinese newspaper


Western media reported that Mes C Lang lost three losses

Three men from Madrid will compete for the Golden Globe Awards

[2018.11.22] Publish

This year's Golden Globe Awards will be presented in Paris on December 3. The current vote has expired. According to the "Marca" report, the last winners will be among the three Kisha, Wallani and Modiglien.

"Marca" has been analyzing yesterday from various acts of the current "French Football" magazine, the winners of Madrid's players, such as Real Madrid's Wallani and Modiri, were the most successful Kishavin in Madrid. French Commissioner of Magazines will be notified that he will arrive in Madrid. This trip is linked to the Golden Globe Prize.

After finishing the vote, the first European radio station reports. Modigliano, Wallani and Macbeth were the third place. Like FIFA's football competition, Kesha was not in third place.

Although there is no real news about the trio of Madrid, it expects the expectations of the Modi calendar to be in the current situation. In France, if you choose three, most of the votes will be Wallani. The selection of the world soccer player is the most popular vote among French players. French coach Digans and Captain Loris and some reporters voted.

When the World Cup was over, Bertrand and Blaise chose Wallani, I think Wallani is better than everyone else and reflects the spirit of the team. He has also created a lot of French football history. record

"Marca" said that, in the absence of an extra budget, changing the current situation is impossible, the Golden Globe is no longer monopolized by Mon and C Lang, now it's time to record a new trophy.

In addition, "Trained Sports News" Italy also said that Month and C Lang had not been able to enter into the Golden Globe Awards for three years, and the latest winners of Modigli, Macbeth, Wallani and Shawen.

The Golden Gold European Prize yesterday specified the last five strong ones. One of the best known Kilian McBabi was not successful and Liverpool was named Alexander Anot.

Italian "Golden Sports" organized by the Italian "Turin Sports News" awards, …

Swarovski: Fedana more aggressive taught me

Alexandre Swarovski's German star (photo, Xinhua News Agency) At the ATP final competition, when he was retired by Swiss king Federer and won the Gaogao world champion, the teenager did not want to encourage her.


Gold medal curler drink DQ

The Winter Olympics in Canada led to the loss of the gold medal in Fry (photo, Jiaxin) due to the drunkenness.

Fryen won a 40-year-old gold medal in Canada in 2014, and this week's red ears …


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