Wednesday , February 1 2023

About single family families?


The Government intends to develop a complex, flexible and sustainable family policy to provide adequate support for different parents and single parents. Atila Beneda, Deputy Secretary of State, Emmi Family and Population Policy, spoke at a conference.

Family-level measures are stable and predictable, and they can provide assistance as much as possible. In order to support life or family situations, the government needs credible partners in the municipal and civil field, says MTI.

Unicorn has found a credible NSA, the social awareness of welfare education is growing for educators.

The Deputy Secretary of State has mentioned the inclusion of a family-income family of single parents (that is, if a child is more than 1,500 HUF per month for children to raise two children), family tax, nursery care, nursery reception, pre-school free, Basic school meals and small children's discount for chocolate available in 2015.

Nagy Anna, Board Member of Trustees of the Parent Trust Foundation, today says that 300,000 families live with Hungarian parents, more than half a million of their families, but grandparents can be millions of people.

According to the center's information, most families remain with single parents, but the proportion of young widows is high. Every tenth child is born without father and it is not uncommon for parents to take it.

The help center and the community space were made for single parents and single parents, mosaic families, parents and non-governmental organizations. The organization is waiting for guests and visitors to offer seven staff, 60 volunteers, open children, children's programs and free services. The center already has 160-190 new families per month.

Only one parent of the country was deployed in May. In addition to the cafeteria and the playhouse, they help the civil society professionals of civil society support to single parents, as well as to use community space as a repository.

The Emmy Center, set to Üllői út 30, was sponsored by Emmi with 500 million HUF. Ernő Schannen, Medikus Café, made a popular gathering for students and artists at Ernő Schannen in 1900, and Dezső Kosztolányi, writer-poet Herman Ottó and composer Jenő Huszka.

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