Monday , November 29 2021

ATP World Cup: Thiem again won Nadal in two sets of abbreviations


At the men’s tennis year-end World Championships in the 2nd round of the London 2020 team, Austrian Dominic Thiem defeated Spanish Rafael Nadal in two sets of shortcuts. In the afternoon match, Stefanos Cicipas defeated Andrei Rublev, becoming the team leader among the four Thiem, and the Russian was eliminated.

Dominic Thiem has beaten Rafael Nadal three times in his last four games (Photo: AFP)


The 2nd and 3rd places in the world rankings strain each other for the 15th time, and so far the former world leader has been pushed to 9-5, but two of the last three clashes were won by the US Open in Austria.

The parties started the serve with complete safety, so the set was shortened, and everything was in addition: only two of the first 12 points were given by the servers, after 6-6 Nadal broke the silence of the servers so as not to score more goals. (6: 7, 7-9).

At the start of the second act, Nadal immediately got a break and, although he hadn’t done so yet, got Thiem’s serve 3: 3 – another question was that the Austrian could answer immediately and then bring his serve with great difficulty, and 0 as a gambler: At the age of 40 he got three ball games!

The 20-time Spanish Grand Slam winner also flipped from here and managed to tie the game at 5: 6, and in short, he started with a mini-break. The Austrian, on the other hand, responded quickly, then won three rounds of the ball after 3: 3, so he got three more ball games and ended the clash with them. (6: 7, 4-7).

Champion of the afternoon match of the team Stefanos Cicipasz took off Andrew Rubles the first three games, and although the Russian brought the second serve, the Greek will do (6: 1).

In the second game, Cicipasz again won 3 breaks 3 in two breakballs, but Rubljov was able to turn it around from 15:40, and even with the 5: 4 advantage, he presented a successful betting game, the final set could come. (4: 6).

At 1: 1, the Russian scored five betting points, and after none of them had a break, the game was shortened. Here Cicipas started better, and although Rublev equalized 2-2, he still had a 4-2 advantage. The Greek also brought another serve, which was already 5-2, so that four balls would fall in a row and the Russian would get the ball of the match (5-6)! “Of course” there was another twist, Rubljov trembled on the verge of victory, Cicipasz reversed (7: 6, 8-6), so Thiem became the leader of the team, the Russian resigned and the Greek fought Nadal to advance.

Nadal (Spanish, 2nd) – Thiem (Austrian, 3rd) 6: 7 (7-9), 6: 7 (4-7)
Cicipas (Greek, 6) – Rublev (Russian, 7) 6: 1, 4: 6, 7: 6 (8-6)
Work: 1. 2/0 Thiem (4: 1), 2. Cicipasz 1/1 (3: 3), Nadal 1/1 (2: 2), 4. Rublev 0/2 (1: 4)

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