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Black lambs were trained from the square


Three cylinders, 200 horsepower and a death scream on the hill. We already know the Ford Puma, but the ST version has been waiting for it so far. It’s a car that’s good to go in the end; and few would think that a mini SUV for the plaza and porch could make a big serpentine.

The future of the traditional compact category looks bleak, and the small SUV segment of the city cuts a larger portion of the pie year after year. Golf, Astra and Focus are less and less chosen (especially by private buyers), now everyone is focusing on the category of recreational city cars, both manufacturers and buyers. You can order a lot more for those few inches raised bunker-shaped cars than for small cars that lay the groundwork, which means they have thicker profits, and the city’s daily car loves to know itself high and safe, so it’s willing to pay the premium.

It’s not uncommon for massive brands to work on the sporty version of their SUVs, most are familiar with the Skoda Kodiaq RS – but the two numbers are higher. Click on the photo to see the gallery!Source: Ford

In this category (ours is dominated by Suzuki Vitara), it was accompanied by the Ford eco-sport, which was initially designed for South America, which in my opinion had exhausted the crime of visual pollution. For now, it’s part of the offering and goes to several other outlets with customers, but the rescue army showed up at the end of last year: The Puma was designed specifically for European tastes and has become truly striking in absolute terms. It blends into the palette of crosses, while having a different and strong individuality, while standing and being very fast.

Actually, it fits almost every angle, but especially the rear view. The name Puma referred to a relative of the Fiesta coupe, now crossedSource: Ford

On the front it has a tiny Porsche Macan, some Kia Sportage, and I see Mazda in its profile and in the Mazas, but comparing them is not a pity but a virtue. In terms of usability, it’s halfway between the Feast and the Focus, which is 5-6 inches taller than them. So far, the ST-Line has been equipped with the coolest Puma (sports optics, but only with a single-liter 155-horsepower turbocharged engine), but the real top ST model entered the market in December this year. It has bumpers, spoilers, a bright black grille and a single diffuser, and of course a 1.5-horsepower engine with a 1.5 hp nose.

The same liter and a half and three identical small cylinders also work on the lower and lighter Fiesta ST, but the Puma is great.Source: Ford

Recaro seat, duck float and old interface

Ford was never to be feared in sports models, it was the tradition of many small or compact horsepower cars. Among the ST (and especially the RS) Focuses, I can’t say what I’d get to drive without an open smile, and the Fiesta ST stands out from the category, so I arrived with little hope for the last test of the year unfortunately. After a short interview, they gave me a key and asked me to come back until the evening. I tore and stuck the sticker in the disinfected test car.

Even if you don’t train with it, Ken Block is an impressive and fun phenomenonSource: Ford

The front Recaro fits snugly in the front seats, while the rear section is tight, behind an average adult it’s no longer very comfortable to sit here. Inside, I think Ford has never been very strong and the competition is moving forward because I was convinced of that again. The plastic buttons on the steering wheel, for example, are awkward injectable hens, I wasn’t even dizzy from the upholstery. In general, there are a lot of buttons, but there is also an order and a positive point, because the most important things on the menu, such as climate control, are not hidden.

We weren’t enchanted by the interior of the same Ford, the steering wheel could have been a hair smaller. Different ways of color and shape characterize each way in digital controlSource: Ford

The physical buttons are also good, as the engineers whistled in the design of the menu system, by 2020 there would be hope that there would be someone who would also think about the user experience to some extent. The trunk weighs 456 liters, which is a very good car, and while Skoda sells it to an imaginative brand, Ford doesn’t even have to go next to creativity. In the international test, we’ve already written how many little things make the lives of Puma owners easier, just one example: there’s an 80-liter Megabox fantasy pit under the trunk floor – a removable plug at the bottom.

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