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Car: Defender: Land Rover Defender tested completely revamped after several decades

Although it’s been called Defender since 1990, that’s how most people remember the legendary English SUV, the first specimens born in 1948. Continuously modernized production lasted until 2016, which is 68 years. By comparison, the 39-year career of the first-generation Mercedes G-Class doesn’t even seem too long, and the Lada Niva has been doing it “only” for 43 years.

In almost seven decades, more than 2 million specimens of this type have been made, the last of which was fully covered in the fall of 2019. In the three- and five-door versions of the new Defender, we present the larger ones in detail.


Located in the new Defender 110, we feel like we’re looking at not only the BMW X5s but also the Audi Q7s. Although the latter are not small cars, they are somehow lost in the shadow of a little British friend.

The 5-meter length is not small, but it is not a record, as the BMW X7, which is large in the European market, is 15 centimeters longer.

Defender, on the other hand, is clear that he feels longer than 5 meters and behaves like a fish thrown ashore in a city.

It’s not that the steering wheel would be difficult to turn, that the correct race wouldn’t be good, or that the transmissions wouldn’t work well. No, there’s no problem with that, but somehow the car feels so huge that even drivers socialize in high-fashion SUVs that drive frantically on city stretches.

The oversized bell stretches far in front of us and stretches as high as the roof of most cars in a queue of cars. I don’t even encourage my daughter, because even though there is a reverse camera, her image is misleading because the spare wheel attached to the rear door makes the car longer than we would think based on the camera image. It can be digitized by tilting the rear-view mirror in the middle, but even the image provided by the camera doesn’t help you maneuver too much.

It is worth paying attention to the height of about 2 meters if you enter an underground garage. In this case, it is very appropriate that the touch of the button can lower the body by 4 centimeters. The 572-mile forint air suspension allows the car to climb 14.5 centimeters in the other direction, which can provide excellent service off the road.

There is a huge space in every corner of the cabin. By default, the Defender 110 makes it a seat for five people, but instead of asking for a seat instead of the center console, we can get into it, and with the trunk seats, the car can seat up to seven people. In the latter case the suitcase weighs only 160 liters, but is no less than 857 liters behind the five seats.

What stimulants?

It’s not easy to get back to the new Defender, as he mentions his famous predecessor with great interior and exterior details, but after that we immediately feel at home in great seats. The test car is very well equipped, by no means cheap, and tries to balance it in a unique way between a work car and a luxury consumer.

Passenger lines can also be machined with an ax, for example, compared to a BMW X5, the only deliberately forgotten screw heads are unique, there is no shortage of craftsmanship and there is a plastic cover that can be easily cleaned under carpets. On the other hand, high-tech screens and delicate leather surfaces are well sewn, so we’ll get a little bit of this and that.

The small lever on the ZF’s eight-speed automatic transmission is high and close to us, but it’s not ergonomic to say it’s too close to the center touch screen. It likes the user interface, but the menu is not very logical, and the speed of the system leaves what it wants. Plenty of plugs and finally a car with USB-A and USB-C ports.

The seat adjustment is partly electric, with hand and back force to move the features of the front seats with manual force, which can already be attributed to the seat. The huge, partially open panoramic roof further enhances the already bad feeling of the space by paying a surcharge of HUF 717 thousand. 424 thousand forints are required for the three-zone climate, remote control stationary heating is 543 thousand forints and HUD is an additional 325 thousand forints.

Terepre sails!

Fans of hard rock SUVs may look a little wrong with the new Defender, which is no longer a chassis, but a self-supporting body that sits on rugged air springs and its differential locks are electrically controlled. However, the durable type of four-wheel drive should not be much regretted.

The test car doesn’t ride on all-terrain tires, but on ordinary four-season tires, but we still didn’t find any ground where it would have been more serious. He didn’t like deep mud so much, but ours is the “sara” of tires, and he’s guaranteed to find the one that best suits the current challenge among the many off-road modes.

Even on loose ground, you can get off to a great start with Defender; the electronics keep horsepower under control at all times, for example, compared to the new Ford Explorer, it has no power to start smooth running. We get 18-inch steel discs at a basic price, and for a surcharge we can get 22-inches tall.

The roof, perforated with small windows at the back, is very large: with a load capacity of 300 kilograms, there are no obstacles to camp on the roof. The fallen game can be easily assembled in the trunk, especially if the buttons are there to lower the suspension, but the fifth giant door that opens to the side is very practical in town.

Diesel heart

Under the hood is a 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that at first glance looks so slim and not by the way in a 2.3-ton car. Practice, on the other hand, shows that 240 horsepower and 430 Nm are enough to drive off-road, and the off-road test ended with a good average consumption of 9.6 liters. The fuel tank holds 85 liters.

9.1 seconds of 0-100 sprints and a speed of 188 km / h are not so important, for example, that flexibility is absolutely correct: progress can be safely identified quickly with the large Defender front.

The 3-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine has arrived. The 200, 250 and 300 hp versions promise a smoother ride and a more beautiful sound. And the strongest version can fix 0-100 in 7 seconds.

On the front of the petrol, the basic 2-liter version is 300 horsepower and a hybrid 400-horsepower version based on a similar petrol unit has also recently been introduced. This Hungarian green license plate has a range of 43 kilometers.

Conclusion, prices

+ : unique character, excellent off-road skills, advanced technology, direct consumption.

: with him city life is difficult, stewards dollars, not cheap.

The modern defender has to dance on thin ice. On the one hand, you need to keep having a headless SUV; on the other hand, you can’t practice as fascinating as the previous ones, you have to keep up with those times. And in our experience, the Indian Jaguar Land Rover has successfully removed the hurdle, and after making the necessary commitments, the Defender has been able to renew itself so that it doesn’t hurt anyone. Or at most for blind fans of the old Defender.

The Hungarian base price of the Slovak-made type is 17.6 million HUF, but against that amount only a basic model with a 200-horsepower 200-horsepower diesel engine can be taken home. The 240-horsepower 240-door diesel model opens at 21.5 million HUF, and in the case of higher-end equipment, the price tag is 27.5 million HUF.

The price of a very well-equipped test car is HUF 30.1 million. This is one of the extremes, and we would also know the other: if we have the opportunity, we will also present a basic 3-door model that is much more designed for work.

Unlike a luxury tuned hard rock SUV, the Jeep Wrangler can be a much better analog purchase at 15-20 million forint altitude. The Mercedes G-Class is not cheap fun, we have to spend at least 40.1 million forints on it. At Toyota, the Land Cruiser opens for HUF 16.3 million, the highest Highlander has not had a fee until we wrote our article.

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