Mercedes-AMG has found a number of horse-powered engines on its old highway vehicle but fully renovated.

Last year, the busiest Mercedes G-Class, the recently launched AMG G63 engine, has delivered a 4-liter V8 bit-turbocharged gasoline engine of at least 585 hp. In addition, the momentum of 850 Nm can not be missed, the driver is also available at 2500 rpm.

The German giant of 2.4 tonnes can stop staggering at 100 rpm, 4.5 seconds, and the final speed is limited to 220 km / h. For those who are not enough, they will get 240 after requesting the AMG Drivers package. For non-performers, the Lumma Design G-Class final tuning can be selected:

The new engine had an extra 65 horsepower and an extra 100 Nm; Therefore, the V8 biturbo resource is about 650 horsepower and the excellent moment is between 950 Nm.

For now, 24-inch wide G63 wheels have an unprecedented performance of six exhaust ends and four LED lights above the lid. The conversion cost is € 10,950 (3.44 million forint).

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