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Index – Internal – revolt against disappearance came to Kossuth Squad


A few demonstrations could be one of the main demands of other ministries, but on Saturday afternoon Budapest Exclusion Rebellion was an exception. The "rebellion" against ecological disaster, destruction and mass dissipation started a year ago in England, and has now arrived in Hungary. As the center of the series of events last week, demonstrators moved between the two ministries, Main Street ITM and the Ministry of Agriculture in Kossuth Square, in the Hungarian area, the government has not controlled so much. .

The outflow riot is a radical environmental movement that does not distinguish bridge reserves, stock market autochthonousness and other non-violent resistance, and demands regular and real action against ordinary politicians against the delay. Recently, Banksy's latest job was added to the press (the end of disappointment, the tactics were alive). Revolt equipped with riders art art assigned to artIt is a serious thing, in recent days, more than a thousand people have been attacked by British police to obtain a more detailed form of civil disobedience, but the movement is only visible and spread in general. These days, in many countries, from New York to Pakistan, they had climate protection movements, and after the roundabouts, they were on the streets of Budapest.

We just have enough

– The participants were scandals, sometimes due to the fresh and windy side of April. Many foreigners (usually based on conversations that live in Hungary for a long time), and English subtitles at least as Hungarian: "Travel by train" (traveling by train); "Finding good planets is difficult"; "Save in the Arctic, like masks like you," "More trees" and "Duma just enough, Danube".

In England, Shutdown, a However, without difficulty in the manifestation of Pestas, there could be no more than 2-300, over the Margit bridge. The initiative was completely bottom-up, not only by the parties (we saw Gábor Vágó together with his politician among politicians), but more NGOs were not officially represented, such as Greenpeace. Basically, the organizer was a large group of people targeting other communities, including the animal rights home, and not all vegans.

Climate, it seems that the eyes of the caregiver should be taken to London. Two months ago They were in contact with the English, but instead they were an ordinary big green instead of ordinary ideas. "In England, they understood quickly that media and protest culture was very different, that central and eastern Europe is not so radical," said an organizing volunteer.

We did not reserve the bridges, or we would like to do it, in most of the media they would paint a negative photo.

In addition to the protest of the vegans, the aspirations of Ferihegy air travel have been a source of pain for protesters in Pest. The Air Traffic Association, started by Rákoshegy, has tried to work for a decade, due to the increased traffic on the traffic of the airport and its homes. In addition, during the last months Budapest's air traffic has been worried that it has become a political issue. However, the nightly ban imposed by Tarlos, according to the NGO, is only one deviation, as it has been up to now, and cities of low-cost airports are not even serious solutions. "In ten years we have seen that the court does not work, the decision makers do not negotiate with us, so radicalization is possible," said Zoltán Frik, an organization that directs and closes London Heathrow.

The shutdown rebellion would do well, even though some of these movements were organized in each case, but international change is already important when protecting radical climate protection when it can only be coupled. Form disappears like a few years ago.

A rebellion of extinction was set up to ensure that the decision makers take real steps. It is impossible to blame the individual, it is not a solution to take responsibility for the individual or prevent plastic straws when the whole system is based on exploiting the person, animal and environment.

Speaker Kossuth Square said. Calculating Maximum " We are 15 years old to take action against the ecological collapse and mass destruction, "he stressed. 10% of the richest in the world is responsible for 50% of environmental destruction, and only 50 percent below 10 percent.

What can a country like Hungary do? In addition to the recovery of the independent ministry, protesters demanded the emergence of ecological emergencies, sustainable agriculture promotion, reduction of tax restrictions, ecological footprint processing, and the development of the Budapest community and cycling.

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