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Mummy and the Lightning, two legendary champions, will retire together

When the NBA season season ends in April, we do not appreciate thanks to a group of 82 teams, and we expect the main meal, after a long apprenticeship hunger. In this case, let's say goodbye to the legends that have fought in the past or the last match. In 2019, two classic multi-player players finished their career with Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade. Both baskets were completely different to the summit and expected immortality, but their career was confused with various points. So we try to pay homage at the same time.

The great German, three years and a half earlier than his teammate, presented for the first time to the NBA, but was at an absolute level. We will start chronologically, where they were in their career.

It's a monster, the other is stuck in rattles

1990: Nowitzki was a head taller than 11-12 years old, because he inherited the genes of the perfect athletes. Mum played basketball. Father, the German pilot. He first tried the "Little Dirk" for the first time, as well as the tennis player, but the other person was hurting his monster for his size, so he went to the basketball. Meanwhile, seven-year-old Dwyane Wade, a native of Chicago, was attacked by police, her mother being a drug addict and groomer and gang member. Dwyane picked up several times after seeing corpses thrown into the carts. His sister turned her father into a moving cell, instead of choosing squad.

1994: Nowitzkin was so old-fashioned that Holger Geschwindner, an old national player, realized that he was under his wing. First, he has done two or three weekly and weekly training sessions aimed at technical training, which has had a significant impact on Dirk's career.

Holger Geschwindner and Dirk NowitzkiSource: Sports Illustrated

This year he presented himself in his hometown, Würzburg, to DJK, where he was at the German level. In addition, the results of his studies fell, so he did not play at the beginning.
He was captured by Wade's American football team, but basketball also tried less successful. His mother often met him in a jailer, and then not for two years.

1998-99: fate of two players Nowitzki was a German star and Würzburg was chosen as an annual player. In a game of gala, he could play superstitions like Scottie Pippen or Charles Barkley. The young German did not disappoint, Americans liked it a lot and at the end of the match Barkley came up and the following interview took place:

– Like, are you?
– Dirk Nowitzki.
– How old are you?
– 19
– You already know where you will play?
– I'll join the army.
"Leave it, do not go, you are 210 cents, not such soldiers." Come to Auburn University, get what you want in the world. It's in a phone and you can go, do you know? You can take it to a league tournament title and then register with Nike.

Nowitzki finally did not go to college, but he knew the new NBA draft. In the end, he was not in a ninth position with Milwaukee Bucks, but at that time he went to Dallas Mavericks for a mix of plenty, which is by the way Steve Nasht.

Wade's issues were established throughout the family, but he did not learn much about the subject of learning, and with his half brother he got a basketball team. He also helped grow 10 cents in a summer, and his coach trusted him and thanked him.

A tremendous influx between university and professional

2000: Nowitzki's novel was so bad that he thought he wanted to go back to Germany. This year, however, he bought Maverick Mark Cuban, invested in the group and created the best conditions of Dirk. His game improved substantially, in the second, when he won the "Most-Developed Player", nearly the first half of the year was doubled for all statistics.

Two classic striker, young Dirk Nowitzki, and Karl Malone's fight at the end of his careerSource: AFP / Paul Buck

He has chosen Wade Marquette University since his junior high school graduation, but he did not learn basketball (or, rather, he did not learn), in his first season.

In 2003 Nowitzki was already a famous star of the NBA, as it progressed steadily; After Michael Schumacher, after paying the best German athlete, he was selected as the best European basketball player and Dallas Western Main Event arrived this year, but was injured in the second match. San Antonio's next championship.
Wade has had a second and third year at Marquette. In 2003, the fourth final school was run by the school championship (NCAA), which has not been too much. They have been paying more attention to the NBA player observers, so he decided to register in the league last year. The 2003 stock market is one of the strongest of all time, NBA LeBron James (first place), Carmelo Anthony (3.), Chris Bosh (4) and Dwyane Wade, fifth place. Miami Heat.

First date of the summit

2006: Nowitzki is one of the best players of the NBA, it is totally unique to throw one-legged back. However, the outcome did not succeed, and Steve Nash Phoenix appeared again and won two MVP awards. In the 2005-06 season, he scored 27 points in the season base, and eventually kicked off the string: Dallas scrapped Memphis in the first round and defending champion San Antonio in seven matches. The Phoenix Suns finalist did not have any hindrance, the final of the Mavericks final came to six final games.

There, Miami Heat waited two years earlier for the purchase of Shaquille O & # 39; Neal, which was a great performance for Wade. The end of 2005 was over, but in 2006 there was no one to stop the east heat. Because of the style of play, Wade could pick up the nickname Flash (Lightning), which he could not even notice. Of course, with the help of the Chicago child, he tried to copy Michael Jordan's theater, when he was hard pressed, while he was hard, the central distance was never as effective as Jordan. However, it is always made up of the fact that America's American media comparator predicted that Wade's next MJ, which also came about to overcome Detroit Piston guns, eventually ended in a big final.

Shaq and Wade Miami did their bestSource: Getty Images / AFP / 2006 Getty Images / Ronald Martinez

The first two games of the 2006 final in Dallas were won by Mavericks. The teams then went to Miami, but the third collision was that Dallas was standing up the flag, six minutes before the end of 13 minutes before finishing. Wade exploded for the first time, dropped 15 points in this game, and Heat reversed and won. Wade has closed 42 points and 13 rebounds.

In the fourth match, Miamiak choke out and defeated Dallas with 25 points, Wade 36. The fifth game was 2-2. Finally, Heat was the next sharp meeting of 101-100 years. It should be noted that the support of the judge is a good part of the Basque Government, and nobody should be surprised that it was a direct way in some years. Wade, for example, will cast 25 penalties, as much as Dallas. Of these, 21 of them sold (Final Grand Grand NBA record) and ended at 43 points. That's how the troops returned to Dallas, where Mav survived and won in the first quarter. Wade again could not get his team 36 points of victory and won the Heat championship and was selected one of the best players. According to one of the most respected writers Bill Simmons, he has not seen a performance at the final of the last 30 years, like Dwyane Wade in 2006.

At the age of 24, he reached the top, and at the end of the third season, the NBA was treated as a periodic identity.

2007: Nowitzkin was very good at losing the final, and his team won 67 wins in the next season. and the Germans were elected MVP to win the first NBA European trophy. Everything was ready next March, but in the first round of the second cycle, in the eighth Golden State Warriors (which is not currently remembered) Dallas lost six games. Since the first round of four wins (2003), the first round was the only example of the last round.
Wade also did not have a better season, the wound he continued throughout the career began. He lost 31 seasons of the season and Miami was the first to beat Chicago.

The elders will retire against the super team

2011: good heaven, what has happened so far! On the bench in Dallas, Avery Johnson was replaced by Rick Carlisle, and Mavericks got older with Jason Kidd, but it was still fantastic, and Caron Butler, Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler. This year, after a playoff series, Dallas Portland won for the first time, then defeated Los Angeles Laker defender and defeated Young Oklahoma, and reached the final.
Miami Heat had his rival again. In the summer of 2010 LeBron James-Chris Bosh-Dwyane Wade was set up and went to the semifinals despite being amazing. Wade earlier enriched the Golden King of the Olympic and NBA titles, but he wanted to be a champion again.This group bet Miami was not nearly there, the first game of the Heat home track, and Nowitzki was injured on the left side. In the second, Miamin had a 15 point advantage, but Dallas back in the previous position, the German Super League scored five points in the last minute, including the winner.

The match went to Dallas, but Heat immediately retreated, and Nowitzki lost the tie, although the team lost 14 points. For the fourth consecutive game, Nowitzki has reached 38 degrees fever but does not seem to face it. The heat made 9 points, but in the fourth quarter, Mavs was the leader and, although he had no great advantage, he did not give a little bit and won three points. So LeBron made Jamest 8 points.

In the fifth match, both teams attacked much more than the whole series, but it was just as tight, but it was better than Dallas in the fourth quarter, when it won 3-2. So, the parties returned to Miami, where the first half was fast as both teams increased. In the third quarter, Mavs increased his advantage when James disappeared again, and his forehead continued to blow. After five years, Dallas and Nowitzki retired from Miami and Wade and were able to regain the championship. Of course, Dirk MVP received the final prize, which was always memorable on the table, and after a few weeks before being 33 years old, he was placed in the top spot and was restored.

2013: Dallas fell after the title tournament, and the upcoming Oklahoma City Texas Texas season began its first round. Then, Nowitzki planted his knees and missed the first months of the 2012-13 season. Although his performance is not significant, Dallas missed the first time since 2000.
Wade became a champion in 2011 after finishing in 2011, and in 2013 he won the San Antonio defense title. At that time, LeBron was clearly the leader of Heat, and Wade's average steadily declined, which had a role and became increasingly wounded.

Wade (left), James (in the center) and Bosh (right) in 2012 and 2013 became the champion of MiamSource: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

Aging and elegant greetings

2016-17: At this time, Nowitzki was above the peak, at the age of 38 he was an NBA momia. In the coming season, Dallas was kick-off, but the qualification of the tournament did not have many opportunities for many years. German supergizos explored all sorts of treasures, about which he wanted to be a strong group that was constantly indisputably paying, but his body was already very tired. On March 7, 2017 he threw 30,000 points in the sixth NBA history, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James. In Dallas, people were wonderful Larry Nance Jr., with its iconic show, in 30,000 movies.

Meanwhile, Wade thought that nobody thought. In the summer of 2016, he was defeated by Heat President Pat Riley, who did not sign a new contract for the team, instead of his favorite childhood with Chicago Bulls. Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler were the three worst of all time, having finished with the first rounds, and were later excluded from the team contract, and his best friend entered LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers.

2019: Everyone knew that Nowitzy was the last, even though he did not hit the world. He did not say hello to Kobe Bryant or Wade. For his personality, he chose Tim Duncan's gratitude. It was so old that he could not continue for more than 15 minutes, still in Wilt Chamberlaine's point list. Adam Silver NBA Commissioner approves and approves Wade's All-Star gala (14, 13).

Adam Silver greeted the two legends by inviting them to the All-Star galaSource: AFP / 2019 Getty Images / Street Lecka

He also received a talented tutor, Luka Doncic, who could never imagine the title of the best European player. He dropped 30 points in the final home game and announced retirement. After that, another match was in Dallas, San Antonio's home, an eternal enemy, crying so angry, and finally a 20-point double rebound doubled with the NBA. He took 21 seasons, all in the same group, nobody can tell himself.

Fortunately, Wade returned to Miamara in 2018 after "replacing" Cavs. From now on Erik Spoelstra's chief coach was a replacement driver. He has once again tried the playoffs and announced that the next season will be his last season in 2018. They said goodbye in each area and thought it deserves to replace them with the players after the match.
He is fighting against heat at the end of the regular season, many of which were sent to Wade, but Florida team lost a dark line. One of the best batteries of all time in Hungary, its greetings reached 30 points, the final Brooklyn final and the fifth race doubled to 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 support.

So, there were two great retirements. Both classics were at the top, and there was nobody. But they ended in time and did not draw until they were in the loop. The NBA arrived in a completely different and completely different way. At the summit, they crossed twice, and got a direct result. It is among the best of all time, without discussing the top five positions. Three NBA tournament titles, the latest MVP titles, regular season MVP title, and 62,342 shots out of the parquet. Both will enter the Celebrities Hall as soon as possible, leaving many records. And there is a lot of space.

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