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PlayStation 5 demo – Will the new generation bring about a change of era? description / test


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Here’s the European premiere of the PlayStation 5 in a few days, but is it worth the wait for Sony’s new console? The first part of our test.

2020/11/17 21:30 | GeryG | Description / test

With NVIDIA introducing the world’s first video card in 2018 to be able to show the gaming world in real time with ray tracing, the new era of video games has definitely begun. Of course, this technology can still be said to be in its infancy, as the necessary hardware competes with the price of a used car and developers have not yet started throwing out games based on new technologies. Now, many still don’t know for sure if it’s a fleeting whim like ray tracing tessellation or AMD’s tress-fx. Each was an attractive new graphic element of its own, but somehow we almost forgot about the existence of both. Not because they weren’t widespread or went unnoticed as part of everyday life that wasn’t so noticeable (or rather expected). But the ray tracing may be different. If you haven’t met your expectations so far, maybe that will be the time to change that and you’ll have a new part in your sails. This time, the slices are excited by next-generation consoles.

New era, new design
So it could easily be that even though the year 2020 is terribly bad, we are living the dawn of a new era. Sony and Microsoft have just registered – or are about to register – for the latest console. The two rivals tried to seduce the players a few months ago with roughly the same words. These include very fast SSD technology, true 4K resolution and 60 fps performance, backward compatibility and, of course, ray tracing. Both manufacturers seem to consider it the main attraction of the new consoles. And they could easily have been the reason.

PlayStation 5 Demo - Will the New Generation Bring Time to Change?

I have to admit, for my part, I’m a layer of consumers who might call slang followers late. We are the ones who constantly monitor the trends, even though we are making changes in the market (technical in this case), we are only concerned with them. We will not immediately dive into the latest achievements, let us be the ones to experience their mistakes. We prefer to wait while others do it for us, and we continue to be armed with enough knowledge and experience for others. That also happens to me in the gadget world. Let’s just say I haven’t felt the need for 4K so far, I’ve been great with 1080p for many years. Ray tracing? Well, why? Too many worries, more resource requirements, fewer games and even fewer add-ons that have a decisive impact on the enjoyment value of the game. Well, this time I couldn’t be bigger than that.

So a new era begins, the era of 4K and ray tracing. And so, Sony and Microsoft have decided it’s time to break with tradition, at least in terms of the outside line. But in the case of the Xbox Series X, which is clear and clear, in a simplicity that is almost reminiscent of the woods, Sony has gone perfectly in the other direction. While this is entirely subjective, I have to say that the PlayStation 5 is the most beautiful console ever made. But to be the weirdest, for sure. Sony has already broken with the use of the dark color that has dominated the previous two generations, and otherwise has put on an amazing console with a rather weird white dress.

PlayStation 5 demo - Will the new generation bring about a change of era?

The black house, a prominent rounded part, was squeezed between the much larger whites, initially parallel, and then more and more distributed on the side like a sandwich. The popular LED strip on the PlayStation 4 runs through the intersection of one of the white sheets and the black housing wall, which is also significantly curved. The only appearance is that Star Wars is a bit of a spaceship, both fixed and fixed, guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. In return, when installing the console, we must also use a small accessory, a disk-shaped base, because without it the machine will be unstable lying or standing.

The wild stranger is well known
Sony treated hungry news fans for a very long time, and left us with information very, very slowly. Where an image of the version sent to the developers appeared (as usual, it was not a strange creature thanks to the design that eventually hit stores), where there was little or no information about the expected hardware performance. Then, a few months ago, they finally opened the taps a little better and gradually inserted the hardware, and then a new controller was introduced. Only then was the final design submitted and the trophy system and interface left for completion. The latter is one of the most important elements of the whole system, as it is nice and good to give the console itself a stylish look, so we won’t look at it the most.

PlayStation 5 demo - Will the new generation bring about a change of era?

The new interface, on the other hand, is even more so (even if the games aren’t as good as they are …). That’s why Sony itself recognizes that a lot of work needs to be done to meet the needs of a new, innovative, popular, easy-to-use interface that has changed quite a bit over the years. I must say, in my opinion, that they have not fully achieved all these goals. Certainly the menu system works familiarly at the same time, and in the meantime we will move on the ice like a novice fly fisherman. The goal of the developers was to allow players to be informed at all times, even at any time, about the game they are playing or something different. That’s why the interface has become incredibly fast, and thanks to the power of the console, we can run around in the background while we play while nothing else is loading the processor.

Pressing the PS button on the controller will not immediately return you to the main menu, but to a menu associated with the game, under which you will find familiar controls. You can see game-related statistics on the large tabs. This is Spider-Man: Miles Morales only the number of goods already acquired in the city or the trophies acquired are shown. For me, one of the biggest surprises was the way the console handled abandoned games. On the PS4, if I sent it to sleep while I was playing the console, I would have to restart it when I turned the game back on and reload the last position. On the contrary, it’s like I just turned off the PlayStation 5 TV. When I logged into my profile again, I was no longer on my menu, just in the middle of the abandoned game – where I left off.

PlayStation 5 Demo - Will the New Generation Bring Time to Change?

So it’s a huge red dot in my eyes (although there will be some who don’t like it). However, the way the menus are built is not so happy. Of course, maybe I would get too used to the PS4 interface, which basically consists of three steps. At the top were menu items such as notifications, downloads, profile, settings, or off. Then, throughout, the icons of the installed applications and games were next to each other, and below them, the data sheet and information of the currently selected game were slowly loaded. For the PlayStation 5, it’s been varied.

From the very beginning we find a maximum of two categories: games and multimedia files. Next to them is a search engine, complete with an icon for your settings and profile. In the games category – drum – we find our games and things related to them. The media file category includes multimedia applications: Netflix, Apple TV, Spotify, YouTube, and the like. Returning to the games (although this is also true for media managers) as you take turns between them, the console loads the current background, music, and menu with lightning speed. Scroll a little further down the screen to find news related to this game and our current results. I say all this, loaded in the blink of an eye. For me one of the Achilles heels of the PS4 has always been the interface, similar to the speed of a disabled snail for today’s eyes. That’s in relation to the speed of space.

PlayStation 5 demo - Will the new generation bring about a change of era?

But unfortunately, no ass with milk. Because, as I mentioned, at least the structure of the menu system should be used. Thus, the whole interface creates a familiar familiar feeling. As we first see, this is as if we have always used it. And when we start walking back and forth in it, we find ourselves without steam, no matter where we find it. And I think that’s worse, there was only an analog lever on the PS4 to access the menu lines, so here’s the other button to press. For example, the download menu only shows the last download by default, we will only see it if we open the rest of the items in the queue (or separate error messages and uploads).

Finally, based on the forums, there are still issues with the console firmware. Luckily, I haven’t come across any bugs spreading on the net yet (keep it up!), But many do. An example of this is a rather annoying error that causes downloads. When downloading a game, some people stopped the counter at 98-99% and the download was never finished. Thus, the game was not installed on the console, but in return was already seen as a download in the PlayStation store. That is, the whole thing is stuck between the two states and there was no way to delete, start or end the download. The factory settings were restored, but everything was removed from the console … And there are those who found the phenomenon again.

PlayStation 5 demo - Will the new generation bring about a change of era?

That’s how it came into play in the first act of the PlayStation 5 experience report. Next time, I’ll turn my hand well about the DualSense controller, that’s all: it’s no coincidence that he’s being praised in the skies around the world right now. I’ll talk about my gaming experiences, the biggest problem I’ve had with the console, including its performance. Of course, I will not forget the games that have already been tested, they will also receive a separate experience report in a nice line. ■

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