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Samsung's Foldable Mobile Phone Becomes Shame Vision | G7


Samsung's mobile phone with a flexible screen was the best mobile phone at the end of February. The black rectangle known for each fat was ordered to be interesting again. Galaxy Unpacked Galaxy Fold launched at Galaxy Foldot Galaxy Unpacked. Samsung does not just introduce a new top phone – they are more expensive than ever, but also a first-ever first-of-a-kind first-of-a-kind electronic production.

After a few minutes and hours of work, the spectacle after writing was still positive. It opened with a 7.3-inch screen and folded into a backplane with a 4.6-inch screen, with a powerful laptop with a storage capacity of 512 gigabyte and a 12 gigabyte memory. In addition to establishing a strong Samsung phone, they also swore the mechanism of openness. According to the company, 200,000 premieres are missing, that is, we should expand five times over the phone for five years to get that number.

(Photo: Samsung)

The idea of ​​a folding device was in the air for some time. Chinese Xiaomi also created their own device design, Huawei and Lenovo ordered their device. LG is thinking of a live TV. It can be a bit like going to 2019 so you can fold it. The first generation device was really useful. It is a good way to show how smart the device becomes from the tablet to the smart device. Large changes can lead to the use of the general technology.

The graphite is like a pencil

There was only a slight mistake in the plan. Samsung Galaxy Fold sent to send newspapers did not pass the test. Some of the crash can certainly be attributed to journalists' stupidity. Some were the flexible OLEDs because they chose the top layer on the screen, they thought they were a screensaver. Evidently, the display did not pass violent interference. Verge's April 17 test revealed that the display of a device that was included in everyday use was released.

The page describes unknown solutions that appear in distorted areas in the field of unified display and image. Steve Kovach, CNBC's journalism technician, has reported similar experiences. In response, Samsung has tested equipment and has launched on April 26.

The problem is not easy to fix. Screen defect due to the presence of all sorts of dirt in the body of the device, with device machining. When the phone is open, it tightens under the screen to remove damage. And, of course, repairing is harder to slide the bottom and top of the mobile phone before it delivers well. According to the information generated by AT & T US Mobile Operator, the phone will be released on June 13. However, this can be a very optimistic scenario.

"We found foreign material inside the device that influenced the performance of the display"

– This is because Samsung says it passes through the dirt wheel.

They talk about the superficial nature of the experts

The best mobile description is combined with iFixit, the widget's analysis, disassembly and assembly guide and other analyzes manufacturer. On the one hand, it was found that Samsung did everything to avoid breaking the padlock. It would be a bad thing if the most expensive device in the world used is the most expensive.

It would not be wrong if the OLED screens were not very dirty. The advantages of this technology work without running backlight. However, the OLED screen is less resistant to dust, moisture and physical impact. Traditionally, the manufacturer protects Gorilla Glass, but in the case of folding mobile, the unique glass was not available, because it was not flexible. The company may be ready to work with curved displays. Galaxy S6 Edge already had a curved surface.

Galaxy S6 Edge – because it can bend (photo: Kārlis Dambrāns CC-BY)

Samsung Galaxy Fold has not been helpless to find out why or give an engineer to escape. Additionally, on a few days, the mobile phone destroyer must be exposed to the exhibition as well as how to start mass production, as dust can be achieved in both handsets.

Yes, there is no reasonable explanation. The mistake of understanding is difficult due to the batteries that were switched on in 2017, we had to call the company's highest device, Galaxy Note 7. Then the price of this call was $ 5.3 million. This amount has been lost, the purchase, repairs and 2.5 million earnings of heated phones. Without a doubt, the Samsung Board of Directors still remembers how much it is for the call back.

They can do a boring cell phone

The worst of reading, Samsung will not be able to solve the problem in June. Nick Cronan, the founding partner of Creative Design Company, is not available for technology to combat Galaxy Fold injuries.

And Fortune magazine puts an emergency branch already, when Samsung's current failure has hit all mobile phones. Users wanted the mobile phone not to be foldable, but the mobile phone battery life better. Galaxy Fold does not comply with these obligations, and when all press failures speak, it does not help in the case of special devices. Do not worry, the worst case is that the mobile market is as boring as in recent years.

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