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Szirotkin wants to see Kubica coming



Wednesday, 21st of 2018, 06:29


Several press releases clearly state that Robert Kubica will be with Williams's team at George Russell next year. News by Sergei Sziro confuses drinking water.

Today, news continues to change The Polish driver returns to Formula 1 after eight years, not only as a test driver but Williams's permanent seat in the 2019 season. They have not yet confirmed, but they do not refuse information, that is, lies with Sziro, who sees clearly.

As it is announced at the Grand Prix of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, the Grand Prix will only declare throughout the Grove Stables year-round. Sergei Szirotkin did not do well, scored a point in 20 races, and even left Romain Grosjean in the Italian Grand Prix.

True, the sharp fall of Williams is obvious, 76 points less than in 2017, although they started to weaken last year. "I would like to be here to make sure that it's clean. There's not much to hear about reading the news (Kubica's return) and seeing what's happening. When, however, men get behind the wheel and compete, problems disappear at that time" said Sergei Szirotkin.

Kubica replaced Szirot in Williams

How would you accept the pilot rider? He feels he has not come here now. "Obviously, I'm not prepared to do it for now, I invested much more this season than outside. The last thing I want to see is that the fruit of my work touches others."

"It's clear that this year we have built our future, we will have the result next season, I would be very disappointed that I was leaving now and I would have to leave," added Raku.

From this statement, Szirotkin does not feel confident in team announcement, and next year the Kubica will be able to sit right away. In a few days, we will probably be smart.

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