Wednesday , July 6 2022

The NAV has had serious damage with millions of dollars scams


The National Customs Office of Taxes and Customs has caused millions of deaths, and the National Roads National Service (NÚSZ Zrt.), The General Director of the General Staff of the NAV, on Thursday at the Tax Office in Budapest.

Péter Zámbó said NÓSZ Zrt. Specific reports and tax authorities were sent to systematic databases, informing independent companies about events, but could be linked to a criminal organization. Based on the data, trucks could be linked to sites and then went to the authors. The authors said they were transporting illegal goods through contracts, but they did not pay public fares and tolls, so they were able to transport 20 percent cheaper.

The fine payment for revenue from 2016 to 2018 is worth 3.5 million forensics, and it was impossible to recover via intruders. Additionally, no contributions were made to 129 million HUF VAT, corporation tax and employment. He was reportedly seized six months of investigation, documentary material and documents, arrested 5 suspects, 16 searched, full accounting and email, and 132 trucks, 12 luxury cars and cash. Blocked property value is blocked, so it reaches one million centimeter perimeter.

The court has arrested two arrests and continues to seek property that may be blocked by tax authorities. Judges have been suspected of being imprisoned for 20 years because of the suspicion of financial fraudulent causes of financial disadvantages. Péter Zámbó said at the same time, transport is a new goal in the fight against organized crime, which is to expand to new areas.

Tamás Bartal, Director General of NÚSZ Zrt, promised to show cooperation between both institutions and disseminate their relationship. NUS added the goal of the Zrt It was not condemned to penalize, but to enforce enforcement, it was allowed to prohibit unauthorized road users. Over the past five years, the organization has carried out 1,7 million inspections of events, thanks to the work done by public companies and public authorities.

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