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The police looked for a car – four were arrested

He stole three, one.

On Wednesday night, the forty-seven year old Nagytarcshaya Ferenc M., unknown on the street Újbuda, was robbed of Skoda Octavi's six million forensic robbery and was taken to his home town. At their workshop local patriots "changed the original mileage unit and engine control unit to start the vehicle with special units." (Citation in the corresponding article by

However, the Department of Intelligence of the Budapest Residential Office was seen several hours later They found abandoned cars and also caught Ferenc M., who arrived at Octavius, who bought a bad man.

The police discovered in Ferenc M. in his car "different devices used to stop vehicles (ignition keys, keys, pipe braces, screwdrivers and switches) and two German circuit circuits."

Then, the researchers:

  • robbed Skoda Octavi was confiscated
  • Ferenc participated in M. Toyota
  • Afterwards, Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavi Gyáls were arrested and probably chassis numbers were falsified.

Gyál cars are investigated with the involvement of a vehicle expert, and Ferenc M. has been heard as a suspect for theft.

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