Monday , November 29 2021

There is a Cypriot shipping company behind the company, from which BKV will rent buses


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I will buy it learned that BKV could connect with a Cypriot shipping company that would like to rent buses.

Budapesti Közlekedési Zrt. Announced the public procurement procedure for the rental of used buses on April 28, but it is now clear who won the competition. According to the tender, BKV would lease 6 air-conditioned buses for up to 12 years, which is no worse than the EURO IV environmental rating, for 12 months.

Three companies were submitted to the tender, of which Truck-Trailer & Parts bids Haszongépállító és Alkatrész Kft. They were based on Székesfehérvár and CR-Facilities Vagyongazdálkodó Zrt.

In the end, the latter won the competition, with which BKV signed a contract with a net amount of HUF 342.72 million, but the company found several strange things. On the one hand, the registration court registered the CR-Installation 7 days before the end of the application period and its main activity is not the purchase of buses but the management of assets. Other activities include the purchase of buses, as the company manufactures road vehicles, repairs and maintains vehicles, and sells cars and cars.

It is also interesting that the company was created by three other companies, including those that did not buy buses, with a total share capital of 17 million:

  • Cratis Ingatlanbefektető Zrt., Is based in Budapest.
  • KD Properties Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft., Located on the plot,
  • and Olinda Pénzügyi Szolgáltató Kft., Budapest.

The latter is really interesting, it is owned by Cratis Ingatlanbefektető Zrt, a Cypriot-based shipping company based in Agrina Holdings. Officials at the Cyprus offshore company include Ágnes Sasinszki and Gábor Temesvári, who may have close ties to the Tamás Leisztinger company empire. Sasinszki Lesztinger’s Arago Zrt. He is a senior executive at the company and is also a director of Hartberg Investments at another Cyprus shipping company. Gábor Temesvári is the director of the Ormosszén Szénkitermelő Zrt project at the mining company of Tamás Leisztinger.

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