Sunday , December 5 2021

To Charlie Horváth Origó: Everyone loved László Benkő


“It was positive with everyone,” Charlie Horváth said of the founder of Omega, László Benkő, who died on Thursday.

László Benkő was also a friend of Charlie Horváth, and, in memory of the keyboardist who died on Thursday, he also told Origó how they met him: “Through Tamás Somló, I have known Lac since I was a child, I started playing music very early. I had a player from Somlo, and after playing with Omega, I also went to the Eötvös Club, the home of the team, more and more often. “

Horváth CharlieSource: Márton Koncz

“Omega was one of the first bands to start the beat movement at home. Then we beat the musicians because we were. I loved Laci from the beginning, but really the whole band, as well as the old lineup. Laci Benkő was a very good person who could be positive with everyone, she was good with all her fellow musicians and artists. That it went unbelievable, we loved it so much. In my opinion, this is the case with all colleagues. We are very sorry, ”Charlie Horváth told us in our diary.

László Benkő died at the age of 77 on November 18 and has been very ill for a long time.

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