Sunday , December 5 2021

VIP Chef: Emese Sáfrány threw Jenő Rácz’s food


His eyes widened.

The next round of the contestants Jenő Rácz they have to copy the dish, but in the absence of a recipe, they can only rely on their own taste. Saffron Emese he was in a more difficult situation than the others, for he did not eat meat, but it was on the plate.

I could say that the Beganians are harder to compete in this race, but I don’t want to look for an excuse. I will do everything I can for the competition, so there is no tasting outside of this circle, so I will overcome my fear or bad feeling

Said Aleska, surprised at first Fördős Zét throwing away food, but then saying he was only a professional.

Featured image: RTL Club

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