Friday , December 13 2019
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Xiaomi can also triple auto cameras

With LG, Xiaomi thinks the triple chip camera of the virtual phone.

Manapsg's chroma or n-cams are smarts cam slg, but on the other hand, there are rarely two sensors. This would change the LG and Xiaomi.

In the past, a patent entry was found that LG wanted a triple selfie brand, and now it is the same as Xiaomi.

It's similar to Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the sensors are hidden in stairs, not on the screen. Slow sensors and upper modules can not be deleted.

Forr: Tech Advisor

According to the first suggestions, the standard camera is an ultra-slim sensor, and it is a monochrome solution, along the background of the photos and the photo. However, the entry of ToF sensor is not excluded, that is, it would be a problem in portraits.

This configurable Mia may appear on this Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 this year, it may only be Xiaomi Mi 10.

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