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2021 Occurrence of measles is likely due to vaccination delays: experts


The outbreak of measles in 2021 is likely due to discontinued vaccination schedules caused by the Covid19 blockade, according to a published article Lancet. The scientists who authored the article call for international action to prevent a devastating measles epidemic in the coming years.

“The number of unimmunized children affected by measles may increase in the coming months. Many live in poor and remote communities, while health systems are less resilient, and malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency are already increasing,” said lead author Kim Mulholland in a document.

Mulholland, a professor and chair of the SAGE Working Group at the World Health Organization, chairman of the measles and rubella vaccine, says that in 2020 there were not many cases of measles as a result of Covid19 travel restrictions and control measures. But the economic impact of Covid19 led to malnutrition, which exacerbates the severity of measles. “Children who die from measles are malnourished, but acute measles encourages many surviving children to be malnourished. Malnutrition, along with the elimination of measles-related immunity, leads to a delay in the death rate, and vitamin A deficiency can also lead to measles-related blindness together. ”

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Prior to Covid19, there was a dramatic increase in 2019 in measles cases, a larger increase than in the previous two decades. There were nearly 10 million cases of measles, which resulted in more than 200,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization (WHO) – in 2016 it rose by 50% of measles deaths.

By October 2020, the WHO has estimated that about 94 million children in 26 countries will miss the missed dose of vaccine.

India is already behind it. In 2019, 2.3 million children in India did not receive the measles vaccine, making it the fourth-largest case of measles registered in 194 countries in India between 2018-2019. Moreover, India ranks at a very low hunger rate, and malnutrition is a major concern in the country. “The inappropriate vaccine that caused the outbreaks of measles in 2019 has not yet been properly addressed, and the situation is exacerbated by the Covid19 pandemic and the situation is exacerbated, so high-risk, unimmunized children gather in unreached communities,” Mulholland said. statement.

Scientists behind it Lancet reports indicated three points for immediate action. They wrote: “Firstly, urgent measures must be taken to address the immediate risk of measles outbreaks in order to help countries reach unimmunized children through catch and campaigns. Secondly, countries must prepare for expected outbreaks. WHO and partners with measles prevention “They have developed a Strategic Response Plan to help with preparedness and response, and have called for action and funding. In the end, the international community must not lose sight of the goals of eradicating measles and rubella.”

They added, “These are the solutions to end the cycle of inappropriate vaccines and outbreaks in the last decade. Without joint efforts now, measles growth and serious complications are likely to be fatal in the coming years.”

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