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In the end, Google Assistant is a way to use your voice on your iPhone


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  • The latest IOS Google Assistant allows you to call Google Assistant via Siri.
  • You have to say "Hey Siri, OK Google" to open Google Assistant. Then, say "OK Google" again to use your voice with Google Assistant.
  • It is an imperfect mix, but Apple helps to break the barrier that was built around its ecosystems. Until now, Google Assistant has not been able to open your voice with iOS.

Until Wednesday, Siri was the only voice assistant to make and control calls to Apple devices, but now Google's Assistant for the latest version with iOS.

By the latest update, you can add the Google Assistant "OK Google" phrase or your custom phrase to Siri. This means calling to Siri and asking Google Assistant with your voice.

It's similar to this: "Hey Siri, well Google." Siri will open the Google Assistant application. In this sense, you must say "Ok Google" again to ask questions or send commands to Google Assistant. It's not perfect and just feels like a reality, you have to mention three sentences with the Google Assistant version, compared to the single sentence for Siri or Google Assistant for Android devices.

To get this job, you will upgrade to Google Assistant to the latest version via iOS. You will be prompted for "Add a Google Assistant to Siri", in which case you can click on "Add to Siri" and Google Assistant can call your choice. Otherwise, Siri's settings must go to iOS and "Add OK Google Siri" by hand "manually.

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In the past, to call Google Assistant, you must open the Google Assistant application on your iOS devices, or enter a shortcut on the widget screen.

This is very useful for anyone who uses iOS devices and Google devices. It is very useful if you do not own the Google device, now you can use Google Assistant as the main active helper assistant instead of Siri. In general, Google Assistant can help you get into your voice as this solution helps Apple break the wall that builds on its products and ecosystems, and gives iOS users access to those who do not have Apple.

In general, Google Assistant is faster and more useful than Siri. Almost all of them are almost capable of it. True enough, the most useful thing that Siri has today is to call Google Assistant, without Syria, there is still no Google Assistant to call your voice.

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