Friday , March 31 2023

New drugs can spread brain cancer


Scientists have developed new drug Glioblastoma – could block the most deadly form of brain cancer.

Our body tissues are largely fluid. The cells move around and are essential for normal bodily function. But in some cases, fluid is doing more harm than good.

For people with glioblastoma, this fluid is much more pressurized, because it helps to move quickly and spread cancer cells.

The AMD3100 drug, which is already used in the clinic, was effective in stopping the inevitable cancer cell expansion, the researchers said.

"I look forward to the use of fluid stimulation since we use drugs that are used by patients who currently practice convex improvement," said Chase Cornelison, PhD researcher at Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

When published in the scientific research journal, the group analyzed the flow of interstitial fluid surrounding the cells in the spread of glioma cells.

Cerebrospinal circulating fluid, cellular debris and blood plasma, fluid interstitial flow is associated with a high level of invasive glioblastoma prevalence or brain tumor cells.

The researchers tested the AMD3100 drug and found that the interstitial brain fluid movement could be limited and the spread of cancer cells.

They have also tested the treatment of glioblastoma with glucose in order to provide a specific vision of cancer treatment to provide cancer treatment. Glioma cells invaded the rest of the brain.

"It (glioblastoma) is so deadly, and for decades there has been no response to the treatment, something must be changed … Seeing a slight fluid, there may be no such response," added Jennifer Munson, Assistant Professor.

Published: November 21, 2018 4:11

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