Monday , November 29 2021

PUBG Corp. will soon launch new PUBG Mobile India game, teasers, suggests new website- Technology News, Firstpost


Last week, PUBG Corporation announced that PUBG Mobile would return to India. The company says it is preparing to launch ‘PUBG Mobile India‘, A new game created especially for the Indian market. PUBG Corp. has also said it will invest $ 100 million in the Indian gaming industry. Since the announcement, PUBG Mobile fans in India have been holding their breath to find out when the game will be released. Although not yet confirmed, several developments suggest that it can be expected to launch soon.

    PUBG Corp will soon launch new game PUBG Mobile India, teasers, suggest new websites

PUBG Mobile India

On the one hand, the PUBG Corporation has provided the website PUBG Mobile India game. The website brings India to the game and links to PUBG Mobile India social media channels.

Recently, PUBG Corp released three small ones teaser videos for all the games that “lose chicken dinner”.

Another report from Talkesport claims that pre-registration for the new one PUBG Mobile India the game is open Touch Touch Store for iOS and Android users. You must be a member of the TapTap community to pre-register PUBG Mobile India. For beginners, Touch Touch is a community for sharing mobile games.

November 12, PUBG Corporation has announced PUBG Mobile back to India as a new mobile game called PUBG Mobile India. In August, the government of India PUBG and 117 other Chinese applications have been banned in the country for “theft, sending user data to Indian servers”.

On this occasion, PUBG Corp assured that in order to maintain the privacy and security of Indian players, “it will conduct periodic inspections and checks on storage systems containing personal information of Indian users to enhance security and ensure that their data is managed securely.”

PUBG Corp says that in the news as well PUBG Mobile India the game and the content of the game will be improved and adapted to reflect local needs. Various aspects of the game will be customized for local players, for example, the game will now be “set in a virtual simulation training field, new characters start wearing automatically and green effects to reflect the virtual nature of the game.”

New PUBG Mobile India the game will also have a feature that puts limits on game time to promote healthy gaming habits.

PUBG Corp. will also create an Indian subsidiary and hire more than 100 employees specializing in business, sports and game development. In addition, PUBG Corp. says it is “actively collaborating and leveraging local businesses to strengthen its gaming service.”

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