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Robert Kubica: Another five injured by serious injuries


The return of Cuba will be one of the 2019 season's stories

Polish Robert Kubica will return to the F1 network in 2019 – after eight years he had broken his hand after the accident.

Will drive the team Kubica Williams, who has tested this season. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel were just as good as men's contemporaries, although they did not level up before the 2011 season.

After the off-course, he entered a fence that entered into the car and went to the arm and body of Cubic.

Fortunately, he survived. But they were hurt in their hands, so that he never guided them; His hand was bound again, but lacked dexterity and feeling.

But it's a great decision to make it straight away and, obviously, has been convinced by Williams's teammate friends to do the job.

Here are five other drivers who were successful when they suffered serious accidents.

Alex Zanardi

Zanardi competes in some Ironman competitions

Named Alessandro, when he first entered F1 in 1993, Zanardi's life is a filmmaker.

Lotus won the races on races Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Ayrton Senna without success on his team's first successful birthday, but the Italian will take Indycar instead.

Pole took his second race, he voted for Rookie Of The Season in his first year, and in 1997 and 1998 he won two titles, trying to get enough with F1 Williams in 1999.

But it was not good again. Williams's car lost power, Zanardi was a runaway driver and typically 10 encountered.

After a period of time, Zanardi replaced World Jenson Button World Champion and returned to the USA. In his races he started the race in the last, but he made his way as quickly as possible.

But when he got on the tire's cold, his car was driven by another driver. Zanardi lost his legs.

This was not the end of sports time, however.

After gaining prosthesis legs, he walked under the guidance of the World Touring Car Championship, before hand-recycling his hand.

His first race was the 2007 New York Marathon, and he finished fourth. That is why he won two gold and silver in the 2012 Paralympics – and then Rio again in 2016.

Not only that, he shot three Pixar Cars in Guido.

Alessandro Nannini

Nannini was able to compete with the right car at the right level

Nannini was the victor of one of the most prestigious races of all time: the Japanese Grand Prix of 1989, when Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna knocked.

Prost could not continue, but as soon as Senna started, he got a new nose at his damaged car, Nannini and crossing the line. But when the track was disbanded, when the race started again, Nannini won his only win.

A year later, Nannini – Gianna was a younger brother of the famous Italian singer. The helicopter crashed the helicopter completely in his hand.

In Milagro, the body of myrrhosis was re-linked to the body, and Nannini never regained the whole feeling.

This means that Ferrari did not have a specially modified steering wheel. But when he made his compatriot Zanardi later, he made cars and won a great success in 1993 and 1994.

He changed his career, creating his own name to create an international chain of upmarket cafés.

Gerhard Berger

Berger (right) was a good friend of the legendary Ayrton Senna

Before making debut in 1984, Gerhard Berger would make an extraordinary escape, this accident was not in the racetrack.

In their hometown, when they crossed a quiet rural area in Austria, Berger accelerated when a car came out of the road and joined with it.

He threw him out of his seat, landed on a river and landed in a river, breaking his neck.

He accidentally died that he had no unusual coincidence, the two doctors, breaking the highway, to go for food, Berger left behind.

To find out exactly what they were doing, the doctors were carefully removed from the Berger river, after having caused more damage to the spine, they entered the hospital, when they inserted the cervix into the neck.

Bars were tested in 1988. Berger also suffered a major curve in the Tambourin Grand Prix in the San Marino Grand Prix but he won 10 wins and lasted until 1997.

Graham Hill

Hill's accident, at least, gave him more time to work in the media career

Two second division champion Graham Hill entered two career: before, and a huge accident in 1969, he broke his legs.

Hill was the World Champion when he was in the United States Grand Prix. When he was resting at the hospital, Hill asked his wife's message. He replied: "Just tell them not to dance in two weeks."

It's true that Hille did not win the race, he started driving very well, but he was struggling with bad machines, created in 1973 with his own team.

However, in 1972, after three years after the accident, Le Mans won a 24-hour sports race, the only man in the history of the motorcycle won the Grand Prix Monaco, Indianapolis 500 and the triple crown of Le Mans. This honor continues, despite the best effort by Fernando Alonso.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Fangio took a four-month belt after the accident

Many men have been the greatest driver of all time during the World Championship for eight years, but lost an entire season in 1952 due to the enormous Italian failure.

The champion of Argentina was not part of the championship in the Monza championship, a day before a race in Northern Ireland, but lost a flight from Lyon's French capital. That night he had to drive to reach the start of the Alpeetan footpaths.

They arrived 30 minutes before the beginning of 1430. The rules should be strictly discarded, but other drivers have warned that the organizers had left the back of the network.

Incredibly tired, Fangio drowned in the second lap and pulled out of the car, breaking her neck.

The injury lost the entire 1952 season. But he was lucky, he did not kill him. F1 was a very small safety mode at the time, and drivers had slightly more protection than leather hats.

But he survived and, when he started sports in 1953, he won four titles from 1954 to 1957.

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