Thursday , March 23 2023

Tamil Nadu underwent an attack on the Cyclone Cyclone


At the same time, the DMCA ensured that Tamil Nadu's AIADMK government diminished the effects of Cyclone Gaja gradually, and the residents of the affected neighborhoods, the restoration rhythm and the wrath of the opposition's misunderstanding wound up.

Edappadi K Palaniswami traveled to the districts to analyze the damage destroyed by rafts and wells on Tuesday, after five days following the Gaja coast. Earlier, Mano mana faced the neighbors of Vedaranyam in Nagapattinam district to maintain basic services such as power and water supply.

Palaniswami said that on November 15 the cycloans brought an electric arc Lakh and brought at least 40 lakh coconut trees to the ground, indicating the magnitude of the effect. "It is essential that the administration and the local support groups and the relief from others are respected, not scary," said severe criticism and protest spores. DMK marked a relief trucks in Chennai's residential headquarters to distribute emergency supplies, groceries, clothing and medicines to families affected by seven cycle-hit districts.

Opposition leader responds to the Stalin question, because the main minister did not visit the villages, said Palaniswami, who was cautious, said that the machinery engine had offered relief to the local ministers before entering the polls.

In a press release after the Cyclone, the government of the State immediately paid 5,000 euros for damaged families and Rs 3,800 for basic needs. The owners of the Coconut farm will receive compensation of Rs 2.64 lakh hectares, which will receive Rs 13,500 hectares for cereal, cane and flower growers.

The cyclone took 46 people's lives to kill cattle in several different tissues.

AIADMK's top leader, recognized by anonymity, said ET would investigate the idea of ​​minority relief to families affected by the visit to the regions that returned to the Chennai.

Palaniswami is expected to have an extra fund for the Center after having organized a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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