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A difficult wife story that removes Syachrulot, JT 610 search tables


SURABAYA, – The humanitarian warrior has just fallen. Syachrul Anto (48) was willing to leave his wife and two children to help the government find hundreds of sacrifices and debris from the Lion Lite JT 610 aircraft on Monday (29/10/10) to register the PK-LQP at Tanjung Karawang, 2018).

Syachrul's body was buried in the Bendul Merisi Public Cemetery (TPU) in Surabaya. The distance is approximately 100 meters from the funeral, located at Jalan Bendul Merisi Gang VIII, No. 41, the district of Wonocolo, Surabaya.

Syachrul's body was flying between Jakarta and Surabaya earlier at 05.00 and arrived at the funeral this morning at 8.30.

One diver from the Indonesia Diver Rescue Team (IDRT) often participated in humanitarian missions. In 2015, for example, Syachrul took part in a dive to find the AirAsia QZ8501 plane crashing on the Karimata Straits.

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In fact, when the earthquake and the tsunami on 28 September 2018 Palu, Sigi and Donggala (Pasigala), Central Sulawesi shook himself, for a week volunteered.

Though Paluban was not immersed, Syachrul wanted to continue to help what he knew.

"All he said was okay, which is important to still help," said Lyan Kurniawati (39), late Syachrul's wife at the burial site on Saturday (11/11/2018).

Before you leave

Friday (28.08.2018) At 8 o'clock WIB, Lyan's cell phone ringed. At the far end of the line, officials from the National Research and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) reported that she loved her husband disappeared.

Now Lyan must have a profound loss. Her husband died while helping to remove the JT 610 Lion Air research.

Lyan did not know exactly what caused her husband to die during her duties.

"I was shocked because the trip was healthy, and I suddenly learned (died) last night, I went to Jakarta and I was here only this morning," Lyan said.

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Lyan says Syachrul heard the plane collapse in Yogyakarta. Syachrul left Lyan at Jogja at that time and went to Jakarta on Wednesday (31/10/2013).

"His father left his boyfriend of Jogja because what happened to Joga and his friends left Makassar," said Lyan Kurniawati.

Syachrul asked permission to move to Karawang on a humanitarian mission to help find the JT 610 Lion Air aircraft.

"He said good-bye and sent him to Jogja airport when I arrived while I walked in and went," Lyan said.

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At that time, Lyan admitted that it was difficult when her husband asked for permission to help seek the victims of the accident in the waters of Karawang, West Java.

"It was very difficult to let go, but my husband was weak, especially for mankind, he knew his character, so I did not forbid him," Lyan said.

Syachrul dived into Jakarta without any equipment. Diving equipment is in Makassar's house.

"He just said," All right, although there is only one tensioner or hook, the most important thing I can do is help, "Lyan recalled.

High social soul

Much of the information about the death of Lyan's husband, one of which was due to decompression. But he did not want to know the cause of her husband's death.

"I heard about it, but I did not know because I did not want to know the details and someone said that the deceased realized, but I could not know," Lyan said.

The wife, who has lived together for decades, called him Lyan Syachrul, who cares for others and enjoys high social life.

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The person who was a expedition entrepreneur in Makassar was always willing to go to the box when he was in disaster, especially when the disaster was large and required many lives.

Her husband has been in the diving world for a long time and received a diving certificate from CSMAS-Possit.

"Although not a professional diver, the father lives a great social life and already has a license and is often called Basarnas to help (in case of a disaster)," Lyan added.

Syachrul's shape is not strange, especially among divers. As a member of the Indonesia diving rescue team, it is often called upon by the government to assist the research and rescue operations at sea.

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