Sunday , March 26 2023

Among us players can get Glitch Pets for free: Okezone techno


JAKARTABetween us Collaborate with Twitch to give players a free Glitch pet. This is available to those who watched Twitch Rival Among Us before December 18th.

Twitch Glitch is the first new pet to have a Pet reputation Between us a tremendous leap, as well as the first free pet given to players.

The pets in the game between us don’t affect the game at all. However, this at least gives a special decoration to the character being played. The little friend will keep the player around the map on missions or remove other crews.

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If the player character dies, this pet will remain where the corpse was found. This can be a sign for other crew members to find it easier.

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On Saturday (12/05/2020) Dar Screen Rant reported that pets can usually only be obtained from transactions, i.e. they cannot be obtained for free. However, this time Glitch’s pet can be obtained for free with minimal effort from the player.

Through Twitch Rivals ’official Twitter account, Twitch Rivals has announced that players who link their accounts to Twitch will be able to watch Twitch Rivals from Dec. 4-18 for free Glitch pets.

It is estimated that more players will play among us due to the limited time they have free time.


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