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Bakrie & Brothers 7. The restructuring of 7.8 tons next year


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk. (BNBR) Rp will restructure 7.8 trillion dollars in the coming year. In the meantime, this year, the company has restored 9,38 trillion worth of Rp.

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BNBR Finance Director Achmad Amri Aswono Putron said next year, the company requested a restructuring of debt in 1-2 bills. Both renewal fees are Rp 6 trillion and Rp 1.8 trillion, respectively.

"Next year we have a R $ 6 billion and Rp R $ 1.8 trillion restructuring plan available at the end of December 2018," said the Shareholder General Assembly (EGM) on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

However, Achmad said the company must restructure Rp 9.38 trillion after obtaining its shareholder approval. According to EGM, 66.69% agreed to corporate action.

Fortunately, 8.65 million shares became a reorganization of the debt, and the mandatory conversion bonds (OWK) totaled $ 137.97 million. In this way, the company issues new shares or private placement 146.63 million shares or 92.37% of paid and paid capital.

Price for the implementation of Rp 64 for each share price or higher than the current BNBR shares, Rp. Up to 50 In fact, at the end of May 2018 the company reverse stock Ratio 10: 1, shares Rp. To reach 500th position.

The debt converted by shares has been credited to three creditors, namely Fountain City Investment Ltd. Rp $ 2.91 trillion, Levoca Enterprise Ltd. IDU worth $ 6.37bn, and Daley Capital Ltd. To € 100.39 million.

For that private placement In this way, the company's debt will be reduced by 44.08%. The company's assets are also growing.

In September 2018, BNBR registered 7.23 billion Rp capital deficits. According to Amri, in the December financial report of 2018, the company allows Rp to register 2 billion in net worth.

The president of BNBR, Bobby Gafur Umar, said the company had an interest in 1 million pesos annually before the debt was redeveloped. As time progresses, a middle ground is sought with creditors to meet the company's commitments.

"Therefore, to reduce liabilities, we offer options to exchange debts and OWK, "he said.

Meanwhile, the OWK deadline will be executed in the next 5 years. According to him, the execution of business activities can be taken in accordance with the agreement between the company and the creditors.


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