Thursday , February 9 2023

Divorced situation will not stop Vicky Prasetyo Fight Angel Lelga


JAKARTA, – The South Jakarta Religious Court later decided that Vicky Prasety and Angel Lelgak would banish divorce, that Vicky did not acknowledge Angel's report.

On November 19, 2018, Vicky informed Angel and artist Fiki Alman of the alleged adultery of adultery from South Jakarta Police.

"The criminal report needs to be followed (despite official divorce). But until now, no mess has been touched, Angel Vicky's legitimate wife is still," said Vicky's prosecutor, Marloncius Sihaloho, in South Jakarta PA on Thursday. 11/21/2008).

He said, supposed adultery happened that Angel was still a Vicky's wife or when divorce trial began. Vicky, according to Marloncius, still has the right to notify her husband of the police.

"We will completely leave the Police of South Jakarta, with the Metro Jaya Regional Police, and the police will seriously and seriously assume the results of the postmortem."

Adultery also has valid evidence to prove the alleged evidence. However, he did not want to explain clearly.

"For these reasons, it is clear that there are some values ​​that we believe to be evidence. So, at this time, despite the divorce of the divorce of the deceased, the legal process of adultery still continues, before the ruling occurred," said Marloncius.

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