Monday , November 29 2021

Interesting! Twitter is launching Fleet, a new feature similar to Insta Story


CERDIK INDONESIA – Twitter launched Fleet, a new feature like Instagram Stories, where tweets can disappear in 24 hours.

The company said these short tweets, called Fleets, are designed to alleviate the concerns of new users that may be overshadowed by the public due to their elusive nature and the persistent nature of regular tweets.

Fleets are not recyclable and will have no features as.

People may respond, but these responses appear as a direct message from the original tweeters, not as a public response, turning into a private conversation, not a public discussion.

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Twitter has tested the feature in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea before spreading it around the world.

Fleets are an easy way to communicate elusive thoughts in the face of persistent tweets, design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Haveson said in a blog post.

The news comes on the same day as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg find out how the Senate Judiciary Committee is handling misinformation about the presidential election.

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