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It all changed Rachman’s religion, the family was shocked and disappointed


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According to him, Dena Rachman’s decision to change religions was based on desperation for the environment and his life experiences.

“I’m not a person who believed in (God) before, what people say was added to my experience, my experience, the struggles of my life. Doctrine, stigma, I don’t believe in it,” Everything Rachman told YouTube on Daniel. Mananta Sarea.

This despair angered him and he chose not to believe in God. He also felt that he was different from other people in general.

Everyone said that his family initially found it difficult to accept the decision to change their religion, instead of accepting them as transgender people.

“It simply came to our notice then. I can tell, I think so In my opinion they were easier when I decided to change the genre, ”Everyone said.

“I’m quite grateful and grateful to have a family like that open thinking. So they really know my journey. They know where I am from and why I chose my choice, whatever it is, ”he continued.

The real name of owner Renaldy Denada Rachman also said that his relationship with the family is good. He saw mutual respect as a strength of the relationship.

“My family is Eid, yes. So I keep in touch every time I meet you,” Dena Rachman said.

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