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LSI Denny JA: Effects of "Bakpao" Setnov Golkar has two major positions threatening the election


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) Denny JA said the Golkar party was abolished in the 2019 parliamentary elections with the two highest votes.

This was seen in the results of the LSI survey conducted in the 10 major provinces of Indonesia, which showed that the Golkar party won only one province, that is, South Sulawesi with 23.5 percent of the votes.

LSI Denny JA researcher Adjie Alfaraby said the results showed Golkar's voice getting more and more eroded.

He also mentioned that Golkar was affected by the drama of a former General Simety Novanto who designed the event to hit the pole until there was a bundle.

"This Sennaa Novanto banana effect is enough to erode the Golkar party's prestige," Adjie explained at Graha Dua Rajawali Building in Rawamangun, East Jakarta on Friday (11/11/2010).

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LSI Denny JA also seizes the phenomenon that political parties in the 2019 parliamentary elections do not have outstanding programs.

In fact, the political parties seem to sell only the presidential number to increase the vote.

In fact, said Adjie, PDIP and Gerindra, who had the most electoral benefit Jokowi and Prabowo.

Because the figure of Jokowi is clearly related to PDIP and Prabowo to the Gerindra Party.

"Golkar has no presidential candidate or vice president who is closely related to Golkar," said Adjie.

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