Monday , May 29 2023

NASA examines Drug Free Policy at SpaceX and Boeing


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – United States Space Agency (NASA) has conducted a review of operations and occupational culture security, including drug-free policies Boeing and SpaceXTwo companies that send astronauts to space.

Information from here AFP, According to the one who denied his name, Elon Musk encouraged the security review under SpaceX creator's guidance. Of course, Musk drank marijuana and whiskey drinking on the podcast circulating on the Internet.

However, NASA does not deny the response to these allegations. But the review has been emphasized that it will start next year. In addition, they will make a safe crew mission and successfully launch the International Space Station.

"In the coming months, before the Flight Test for the Crew Dragon and Starliner flight, NASA will conduct a cultural assessment study with our trading partners to ensure that the company meets NASA's safety requirements for workplace environments, including environmentally-friendly environmental monitoring," said NASA,

"We are fully expecting commercial partners to meet all the demands on job security in mission and public services, as always, NASA will make sure."

Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has also expanded its ups and downs, including smoking marijuana during this year's podcast talk. He also faced a man who had been attacked by a cave in Thailand.

In response to research news, SpaceX said in a statement.

"Spaceflight is a key mission of our company. SpaceX is no bigger than anything else, and NASA has taken us to the International Space Station by the American astronauts.

Boeing also emphasized that its culture has guaranteed product integrity, safety and quality.

"Since the beginning of the NASA human space is a trusted partner, we share the same values ​​and commit ourselves to our trust, openness and the success of our mission's success." A Boeing spokeswoman wrote an e-mail to AFP.

Both SpaceX and Boeing want to launch their first drone flight at the start of 2019 after the first year's flight.

The Spanish ship wants to restore the ability to send astronauts to space. The resignation of the 2011 space shuttle program has left the United States without having to transport its astronauts without its spacecraft.

On the other hand, astronauts in the world need to buy Soyuz national space tickets for $ 80 million per seater. (Age)

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