Wednesday , December 8 2021

The 212 rally was postponed, the FPI asked the government to take action against the crowd


JAKARTA, – 212 Alumni Brotherhood Reunion (PA) will certainly be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is still in force today.

However, the government has also been asked to take a firm stand by banning the 2020 riot activities that affect the crowd.

This was stated by Ahmad Sobri Lubis, President of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Fatama Guard National Movement (GNPF) Ulama Yusuf Marta, and 212 Slamet Maarif PA President 212 in a joint press release published and signed on Tuesday (17/11) / 2020).

In a press release, it was initially explained that the 212 rally had been postponed because it had not obtained permission to organize in Monas. This delay occurred because the Covid-19 pandemic was still underway.

“The implementation of the 2020 212 reunion has been temporarily delayed,” the FPI, GNPF Ulama and PA 212 press releases said.

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However, it was noted that the postponement of the 212 rally was done by observing the implementation of the 2020 regional elections.

“If the government puts the crowd aside, the 212 rally in 2020 will take place at the right time,” the press release read.

Although the 212 rally in Monas was postponed, it was stated that there would be a national dialogue on December 2, 2020.

Rizieq Shihab will head the FPI and the event will be attended by 100 people and scholars. The event is said to be held under the established Covid-19 protocol.

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The FPI, GNPF Ulamak and PA 212 also called on 212 alumni to carry out an instigation on December 2, 2020 to remove the Covid-19 outbreak from Indonesia.

It is also proposed to perform Istigasah in accordance with health protocols.

“The implementation of Istigasah is done in mosques, prayer rooms, Islamic boarding schools, in majelis taklim, with the obligation to carry out the Covid-19 protocol wearing masks, keeping distance and in open spaces such as fields.”

Deputy Governor DKI: Monas has not yet opened

Ahmad Riza Patria, Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, had previously stressed that the Monas area has not been opened so far.

He also said that his party has not received any letter or proposal for the PA 212 association action plan.

“To date, we have not received any letters, complaints or proposals at the 212 meeting, and it is necessary to know that the place in Monas is not yet possible because Monas is a unit of place or activity that has not yet opened,” said Arizak, quoted in the broadcast. KompasTV, Monday (11/11/2020).

He pointed out that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government does not support activities that bring large numbers of people and affect the crowd.

“And even activities that present a lot of people and affect the crowd, of course we don’t support that,” Arizona said.

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Taufan Bakri, head of the Jakarta National Union and Political Agency (Kesbangpol), said so far the Monas area could not be opened.

Because Jakarta is still implementing high-transition social restrictions (PSBB).

Taufan admitted that he had not received any other orders regarding the incident.

According to Typhoon, the PSBB club became the driving force behind the reopening of the Monas and Kota Tua areas.

Thus, it is currently not possible to carry out all the activities organized in this location, including the PA 212 reunion.

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