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Top 10 Football News: The Indonesian national team fails to surprise Thai coaches

[ad_1], Jakarta The Indonesian national team defeated 2-4 Thai in the Rajamanga Stadium in Bangkok, November 17, November 2018. Indonesian coaches, Milky Way, highlighted the strength of the team's coaches at Milovan Rajevac Thai coach.

"He said:" The National Selection of Indonesia played a great deal in the first round, why did not you agree? "The coaching team made the following statement: Fortunately, because we do not face the Philippines and we can win the most important in the team stage." he continued.

The AFF 2018 Cup national Indonesian team attracted the attention of readers of the channel and became the most popular on Wednesdays (11/21/2018). Here are the top 10 lists today:

1. The Indonesian game of games is a wonder Thailand coach

National Indonesian team has been re-prepared as a result of Thailand's victory. In the ABC Field training session, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/19/2013), coaches of Indonesian team, Milky Way, about the reception of Thai coach Trainer Milovan Rajevac, Garuda's team consistency, lost 2-4 Rajamangala in Thailand In Stadium, Bangkok, Saturday (11/17/2013).

The National Indonesian team held a morning training session on Tuesday (20/20/2013) after returning to Bangkok, the first training session. Thailand's defeat The Indonesian national team has made an assessment of the Philippines in the final match of BFF Cup 2018 B team on Sunday (11/25/2018). Read more here.

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