Sunday , December 5 2021

WhatsApp will change the “Archived Chats” function to “Read Later”


KONTAN.CO.ID – Once again WhatsApp has made changes to the app. This time the WhatsApp beta feature will change archive chats or becomes a chat file then read on.

Although there are several apps that facilitate communication via smartphones, WhatsApp is still a favorite for some people.

In addition to being easy to use, the features of WhatsApp also vary. Start sending text messages, insert photos and videos Video call.

Not long ago, WhatsApp got a new feature that all users can try out.

There are at least two new features that you can try in WhatsApp, which is temporary storage and message management function.

The storage management feature is useful for minimizing the number of photos and videos stored on WhatsApp and the mobile phone being filled.

The temporary messaging feature will be sent while it is working and will disappear within 7 days.

Apart from these features, the parties developer WhatsApp is expected to change its features Archived chats It becomes Read on.

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Citing, feature changes Archived chats It becomes Read on it does not necessarily change the name.

Read WhatsApp Beta later;  Credit: WABetainfo

This change could be said to be a feature Archived chats upgrades and features. Change Archive It becomes then read on this is basically used to reduce interference phone.

It’s not uncommon when we use it phone I do not know scroll While playing on social media and games, WhatsApp notifications appear. This somewhat disturbs our experience when used phone.

Well, this feature serves to reduce the WhatsApp notifications that often appear and annoy you.

You can request to use this feature chat personal individually or chat group.

Chat to which he changed then read on will not appear in the notification. On the list chat or relocated contacts or groups will not appear in the chat.

You can see it chat or chat via the menu then read on later.

For now the function changes archived chat It becomes then read on this is still in the testing phase. If you are interested, this feature is only set in the Beta version of WhatsApp.

It is not yet known when this feature will be available for all WhatsApp users.

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