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A liquor gold £ 15, you do not need to clean it, it spreads rigidly beauty experts


A FAKE that does not need to be cleaned, it has been chosen as new 2019.

Bondi Sands develops just two or three hours of Liquid Gold Tanning Foam, the comments are on-line, and this week has passed the Australian Glosscar best product listings.

    Comments are being received on-line


Comments are being received on-line

£ 15 is one of the latest Australian brand products, thanks to its hydrated foam and long-lasting results, it is receiving five-star online reviews.

It is developed over two or three hours, which lasts for a week for a week, and promotes the "internally well-tiled skin" brand.

Mixed with Coconut and Argan Oil, buyers say, the product they use is the most dyed moisturizer.

Also, there is no need for cleaning and "disappears throughout time" disappears.

    They are only £ 15 and available in the UK
They are only £ 15 and available in the UK
  • Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Foam, £ 18.99, Look Fantastic – Buy Now

A happy builder wrote: "Constantly, I've always had a SUPER dry skin, which has a great deal of application for tanning.

"However, since it was discovered by Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Foam, the application was perfect and very moisturizing!

"Unlike other tanning foam, I was left without any layer or bracelet, and I was left with a gloss of brass shine".

While another explained: "This is my new favorite!"

"It's so easy, if it has no trace and a wonderful smell!

"Super fast drying without any transfer, and someone like me, who prefers tanned fish and do not worry later."

One of the bride revealed that she had also used her wedding "with beautiful results."

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The fake brand is known for being famous and famous among brand names, and they have come up with some Instagram to show their results.

And before and after the pictures, of course, they speak to themselves, who show different looks.

And despite the fact that hundreds have been dubbed "the best used one by another", it seems that the product is not suitable for everyone, and it is very difficult to remove it.

One wrote: "I quickly dried up and went to bed without moving my pages onto the street, compared to other drinks.

"But the removal was another story, it was very thin, I started [exfoliated] four times, but I did not have to use the puma stone until I reached the point. "

Another one agreed, "revealing".

"I woke up my hands very dark, and they carried me almost the whole day with the manual stanchion and the cream of elimination, and it was still in my hands!

"I'm afraid as you need to get it hard to get my body out."

You can find some outlets such as Superdrug and Look Fantastic.

This week, about three weeks after we talked about £ 13 per wound up.

We also say that B & M sells a £ 5 cell phone. In fact, while you are sleepy it is fresh and in summer it is essential.

And we have shown that the customer praised the £ 5 wrinkle cream for the "rescue" of five-star five-star reviews.

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