Monday , November 29 2021

NPHET may ban snacks to carry today as cases escalate over another 15 Carlow & Kilkenny


The Government will discuss a ban on snacks to take away when it meets this morning.

It happened over the weekend after filming a large group of people drinking on the streets of Dublin and Cork.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) has warned that the removal of Covid-19 has been halted and that time is running out before December 1, due to restrictions on the country’s 5th exit level.

456 new cases and another 5 deaths were confirmed last night, including nine in Kilkenny and six in Carlow.

Deputy Medical Director Ronan Glynn says the scenes in Dublin and Cork are disappointing.

He also says that those who go to the funeral should keep the patron saint.

This occurred after several new occurrences related to these meetings were identified.

He initially recommended that 10 people go to funerals that could be subject to Level 5 restrictions, but the government revised them to 25.

Unemployment pandemic payment …

An additional 167 local people are receiving a pandemic unemployment benefit this week.

9,222 citizens of Carlow and Kilkenny will pay their PUP bank accounts this morning.

86 people have also signed up to pay when they return to work this week.

An additional 88 local people received a doctor’s certificate to receive an improved illness benefit last week.

Elsewhere …

It will later be decided whether Scotland will move to the highest level of Covid-19 restrictions.

It would mean allowing bars and restaurants to close and shuffle houses.

Nicola Sturgeon suggested yesterday that acting now could provide more flexibility to ease the rules a bit at Christmas.

He says care should also be taken in homes.

The vaccine …

Two secret vaccines have now been announced after the American company Moderna took a step forward.

It is the second pharmaceutical company to develop a vaccine since it was unveiled by Pfizer last week.

According to Modern, 95% of its vaccine is effective.

Teachers at the Biochemistry and Immunology schools at Trinity College Kingston Mills say there is a cautionary note. And Dr. Jack Lambert, a professor of infectious diseases, is happy with the development of vaccines, but warns that we can’t block them from entering and leaving until they continue to spread.

Meanwhile, an investigation has found that mouthwash can kill Covid-19 in 30 seconds.

Scientists say it shows “signs of hope”, however, it has not been tested on humans.

Researchers at Cardiff University in the UK say that over-the-counter colts can reduce Covid-19 saliva.

Laboratory tests have detected conditions in a person’s nose and throat.

A component known as CPC is said to have signs of a virus level decline.

A clinical trial will then examine the effectiveness of oral cleansing in human patients.

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