Monday , November 29 2021

One-third of Irish people will celebrate Christmas as normal


One-third of people will celebrate Christmas 2020 normally despite any reduction in holidays, with more than half believing that the holiday season will not be as fun as Christmas, according to a new survey.

According to a study by price comparison website bunkers, more than 40% of people plan to spend less on gifts this year because of the impact Covid-19 has had on its plans.

Meanwhile, more than a third have said the pandemic has had a moderate or severe impact on their personal finances, saying it has had no impact on a similar number.

One element of the study conducted by Red C, which is likely to ring the alarm bells loudly for Nphet, is that 33 per cent of people say they intend to make Christmas the same, that they should always have any restrictions on time.

According to a study of a sample of more than 1,000 adult national representatives, 56% of people believe that Christmas this year will not be as enjoyable as in previous years, and 43% will spend less on gifts this year. the direct result of the pandemic.

“It’s clear that a large percentage of the population has no economic impact on Covide, and that’s gratifying, although one might wonder if the pandemic could last as it progresses,” a spokesman said. “However, it is clear that a minority of people are struggling and a return to level 5 in mid-October is unlikely to help. £

He said, “People who plan to spend Christmas this year normally, regardless of the restrictions, will certainly be concerned about NPHET.”

Meanwhile, an extraordinary survey suggests that despite being Covid-19, more than 70% of Irish people are still waiting for Christmas.

A study by the Zahra content marketing agency has surveyed more than 4,800 people to assess how Irish people feel about the holiday season.

Although 85% of people are concerned that Christmas gatherings will be limited, most are still making plans with close families who have Christmas at home, even though 20 percent know what the December cuts know.

Local protection is key for many Irish consumers, with 64 per cent of Irish people planning to help local businesses, while this Christmas 53 per cent are willing to spend more on local artisanal products.

Despite a number of unprecedented obstacles for people in Ireland by 2020, the consensus is that the future is clear, with 71 per cent saying they look forward to the coming months.

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