Wednesday , December 8 2021

The rise in Covid cases goes against the positive trends of previous weeks


The recent rise in new Covid-19 cases goes against the “positive trends” of previous trends, according to medical director Tony Holohan.

Yesterday, 11 more deaths and 366 new cases of the virus were reported.

Dr. Holohan warned that incidence rates should be reduced.

That was it, he said, “we can get to where we need to be on December 1.”

“I’m increasingly concerned that the positive trends we’ve seen lately haven’t been maintained,” Dr. Holohan said.

“The average daily five-day movement has risen from an average of 350 cases on November 11 to 424.

“We have two weeks to continue our efforts to minimize community transmission of this disease.

“The lower the incidence, the more flexibility the country will have to ease measures.”

Of the new cases, 84 are in Dublin, 44 in Limerick, 34 in Cork, 34 in Donegal, 24 in Roscommon and the remaining 146 cases are spread across 20 other counties.

As of 2 p.m. yesterday, there were 272 Covid-19 patients in the hospital, of whom 34 were in intensive care units, and there were a total of 14 additional hospitalizations.

The latest data stands in stark contrast to Monday, Nov. 9, when one death and 270 new cases occurred.

That was compared to 542 new cases the day before and on Tuesday, November 10, 16 deaths were reported.

Last week’s data shows how quickly things can change.

For example, on November 6, eight new deaths were recorded. Four days later, one was recorded.

But the next day 16 deaths were recorded, of which 14 were confirmed in new deaths.

The latest data also show the extent to which the virus has spread across the country. On Friday, November 6, new cases were detected in 24 regions. Seven days later, this reached 26 counties. Yesterday, it dropped to 25.

Cork has one of the lowest incidence rates of 100 days per 100 days from November 3rd to November 16th. 85.7 da.

This compares, according to data released tonight, to 282 incidence rates in Donegal, 241 in Limerick and 167 in Roscommon.

It is also higher in Kerry, Louth, Dublin and Clarea.

Also in the latest statistics, there are 169 men and 197 women.

Of these, 61% are under the age of 45 and the average age is 38 years.

It remains to be seen what effect these latest figures will have on the move so that pubs and restaurants can open before Christmas.

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