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Wait for a while – Mario Kart Tour & # 39; on mobile

Soon with the phone near you (through Nintendo)

The switch can do well for Nintendo, with sales like games Come on Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it is not the only platform that Nintendo makes. And we're not talking about 3DS, which really needs to be put in the mood.

In recent years, Nintendo has been dabbling in mobile games to attract franchises Mario and Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to your iPhones and Android phones. You should wait a little bit for the next Nintendo mobile game Mario Kart TourNintendo's mobile games are now a tradition, it has been delayed.

Mario Kart Tour One year ago, it was announced as the next Nintendo mobile game and appeared at the end of the year at the end of March 2019. But the only Nintendo game in 2018 we got the original RPG Lost dragina Developed by Cygames. And the latest brief financial information in Nintendo confirms that Kart-racer will not be able to knock smartphones until summer 2019. We do not know yet what is still.

Nintendo has said that improving game quality and ensuring that post-release content is a stable stream. Mario Kart It's one of Nintendo's most important franchises. This information also includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The best Nintendo Switch game has been sold since 15 million copies have been sold.

So it makes sense that Nintendo wants the best platform to participate, especially among the main audience, especially Nintendo mobile games Super Mario Run They have somewhat remarkably surprisingly. Additionally, as Nintendo delays go, things continue to learn better Metroid Prime 4 It was essentially restarted last week.

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