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Why are heads worse than others?


It will be difficult to find a person who has never experienced dizziness when he arrives too fast and bleeds his head.

Rushing is a simple biological phenomenon, but it does not deny that some people make them worse than others.

For some, an astonishingly frequent occurrence after a couple of seconds of stopping the stars. Doctors point to orthostatic hypotension for head rush, most commonly when they sit for longer.

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This is because the blood accumulated in your feet and when you stand up, your body lasts a bit longer than normal to pump this blood to your brain and return the reduced blood pressure to normal.

So why does it occur and why do some people suffer from others?


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Dehydration means less liquid in the body and therefore less blood circulates. This decrease in blood volume means that your heart takes longer to pump back to your brain.

This is not necessarily the result of not drinking enough water – you should also be careful when you drink alcohol, spend time with the sun or exercise and sweat a lot without proper hydration.


Yes, pregnancy is magical, but it does not deny that it's a tough one. In addition to swollen feet and morning illness, lucky pregnant women are more prone to headaches.

His circulation circulates rapidly during pregnancy, which means his blood pressure drops and his body goes through this skin to pump the blood with gravity of blood (on his head when he stands).

Hot baths

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If you are in a type of man who enjoys a long hot hot bath, he'll be familiar with the dazzling headpiece that comes when he finally quits the hot water.

This is because the heat caused the dilatation of the vessels and the pressure drop. The sudden movement from the bathtub means that your body takes a little longer than normal to catch up and return to normal.

The solution is simple – it may not suppress the heat so much, and getting out of the tub or shower will be much more enjoyable.


This may be more obvious than the others, but the chances of your head getting worse as you become older. This is because your hearts can not pump the blood around your body with the same strength as time.

Do not worry, it is not as if you are at risk of worse orthostatic hypotension every day, but rather in people 65 years of age and older when their blood pressure decreases.

But deeper questions

Most of the time, puzzles are not worried. However, they can point to the underlying questions when they are lasting and start getting into everyday life.

They may indicate a blood disorders that affect the ability of the body to pump blood – for example, diabetes, heart disease or thyroid problems. If you are so intense that you start to faint, it's definitely time to visit your doctor.– Press Association

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