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Boaz Bagbag is helping new immigrants grow in America


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New York – The Boaz Bagbag of Israel helps immigrants help them to share their "American Dream" among others. Freedom, financial stability and a new departure for the new generation, Bagbag supplies resources for foreigners in "Opportunity Land".

Boaz Bagbag is a Renaissance man. New York tech guru earned his fortune through government-funded automotive security devices. Mechanics installed in most of the service transport vehicles, the success of the company is a million-dollar business, a luxury car service that offers self-employment, which welcomes US immigrants and refugees. So far, Bagbag has employed more than 4,000 immigrants in the New York metropolitan area. Many vehicles and an empire can build itself as an independent contractor. 54-year-old entrepreneur earns $ 50 million through consumer transport business.

"I provide cars and people who do not have decent living, they're getting a good car job in New York, they do not have to worry about insurance or repairs, just go and earn money with their family."

Changing the Israeli state 25 years ago (1993), seeking equal opportunities for life and. Like most immigrants, Bagbag planted in the United States, ready to work hard and dedicate itself. In the beginning, Boaz discovered the path to the technology industry and the car industry automobile industry had grown up in the years of automobile introduction. The giant transport technology was merged with Uber and Lyft mergers, with the help of increasing profits. Profit every three months in 2015.

Self-conscious, Bagbag's will can have debts paid to other similar channels. "To respond to this question in a humble way, it's true that my generosity and help may be when I go to the country," he remembers. "I think that fighting is really, difficult and challenging, and I can help someone to be happy."

For a fight, Boaz took part in politics. In Manhattan, the businessman attended more than ten years. Understand the importance of politics and the importance of cooperation with the people, Bagbag makes every election in New York to promote education, support and candidacy for the candidate.

A popular donor of the public officials of the Republic and the desire to make changes to the community. Bagbag participated in a policy begun in 2004, donations made by democratic official officers. Bagbag has had a huge impact on the Israeli civil servants, hundreds of people every year with financial and other issues.

Through peace process and success, Bagbag has risen to one of the best Israeli American officials among the Israeli government. The generous employer and the well-known active faith of the Jews. In the religious community, Boaz contributes to the severity of mental health issues. Through extensive research and personal interest, Bagbag leads in a unique way to the harsh competition at the forefront, with computer conversations and traditional social gatherings, like benefits and workshops within the community. Bagbag's effective leaderships have fostered community participation in financing mental health solutions.

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